Ask Girly Juice: Small Dildos

Anonymous asked: I’m really really tight down there. Do you have any recommendations for a small dildo I could start with, to work up to bigger ones?

Yeah, girl!

I think you’ll find that Tantus, in particular, has a lot of smaller options. As a tiny-vagina’ed girl myself, that’s one of the reasons I love Tantus so much!

I was recently sent a Tantus Charmer and it is pretty damn small at 1 ¼”, but feels amazing. The little ridges are very stimulating. As a bonus, I’m sure it would work well as an anal toy too (as would most small dildos, really).

I think Tantus’ smallest dildo is the small Silk, which is only ¾” wide. Baby dildo! You could also try the Acute (1 ¼”), Eaze (1″), or Compact (1″). And if you’re feeling adventurous and want some mega-texture in a tiny package, the Splish (1″) ought to fit the bill.

As for non-Tantus dildos, Doc Johnson has the Slender and Slim, and Don Wands makes some skinny glass dildos like the Bubble Thriller and Nubby Buddy. And of course, there’s always the gorgeous Njoy Fun Wand.

Oh, and make sure your initial penetration attempts are as pain-free as possible by getting your hands on a good lube! Best of luck to you, little one. ♥