This blog is not only a creative venture for me but also a financial one, because – as much as I wish I could – a lady cannot live on sex toys alone! Read on if you’re interested in knowing what’s up with how sponsors interact with my blog.

Product Reviews

Sometimes companies send me products to review. These may include sex toys, lubricants, porn DVDs, and other items.

All opinions expressed in reviews are my own. No one pays me to write nice things about their product, so if I say I love it, I really love it, and if I say I hate it, I really hate it!

Lots of my product reviews – whether or not the product in question was provided for free – contain affiliate links. Many of my non-review posts contain affiliate links as well. This means that if you buy anything via the links I use, I get a small commission from the company. However, again, all opinions expressed are my own; I don’t alter my real opinions of products in order to sell more of them!

You’ll know if a product was provided to me for free because there will be a note at the bottom of the post thanking the retailer or company who sent it to me.

Sponsored Content

I occasionally write sponsored posts, or (even more occasionally) sponsored tweets. This means that a company has paid me to write about them.

All sponsored content is written by me – I don’t accept pre-written posts or tweets from companies. It’s very important to me that my blog maintain its integrity and stay true to my vision, which means that I insist on writing everything that goes up here. (The only exception would be if I ever asked someone to write a guest post, in which case, that would be clearly marked and it would be someone whose writing I loved and whose message I agreed with.)

As with product reviews, all opinions in my sponsored content are my own. I don’t take on sponsorships that would require me to write things I don’t agree with, ethically or otherwise.

As per Federal Trade Commission guidelines, all sponsored content is marked as such. My sponsored tweets have a hashtag like #Sponsored or #Ad at the end, and my sponsored posts have a note at the end which indicates what company the post was “sponsored by,” “made possible by,” etc.

Sidebar Advertisements

You might have noticed that there are a bunch of ads in my sidebar. The banners above the “Your Advertisement Here” image have been paid for by a company; the ones below that image are all companies I support and advertise for free because I believe in them for one reason or another.

My sidebar also has text ads in it, in the “Sponsored Links” section at the bottom. These have all been paid for by companies.