Lube Week, Day 1: Sliquid Sassy Booty

It turns out that I have lots of backlogged lube reviews at the moment – so I figured I’ll just get ‘em done all in a row, in an entire week of lube reviews! (I know, not everyone finds lube a fascinating thing to read about. Hopefully you’ll find some value in these, and if not, then hopefully you’ll tune out until next week when I’m back to your normally scheduled programming!)

First up: Sliquid Sassy Booty, sent to me by the lovely and charitable folks at Conscious Contraceptives.

I can tell you, without a shadow of a doubt, that Sliquid is the best of all the popular brands of lube today – at least, if you and/or your partner has a vagina. All of their products are free of glycerine, propylene glycol, parabens, and all the other gross stuff that shouldn’t go anywhere near anyone’s vag.

Sassy Booty is a thick gel lubricant. It has only a few ingredients (purified water, plant cellulose, cyamopsis, potassium sorbate, and citric acid), all of which are vegan and totally okay to put inside you.

It’s completely devoid of all scent and taste, which really surprised me. If you’ve been seeking an utterly tasteless, unscented lube, this is a great option.

As you might have guessed from the name, Sassy Booty is designed for anal play. Personally, I hesitate to recommend any water-based lube for anal use, because they dry up so fast when compared to other kinds of lube – but if you find yourself looking for a lube that can safely be used with a silicone anal toy, Sassy Booty is probably the best you’re gonna find.

Most water-based lube will last about two minutes without any additional lubrication. Sassy Booty, on the other hand, can last up to five or six minutes without adding any moisture. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but it’s practically unheard of for a water-based lube. The only other one I own which can compare is Blossom Organics, which has been my go-to lube for months and months.

The texture is very slick and wet, but not drippy. It leaves a slightly sticky residue once it’s dried down, which is easily taken care of with a wet wipe or a quick wash with soap and water.

Anyone seeking a good water-based lube should definitely consider Sliquid Sassy Booty, even for non-anal purposes. It holds up better than any other water-based lube I’ve tried, and is totally body-safe and non-irritating. Just don’t expect it to work as well as a silicone-based lube for anal play; you’re still going to have to re-lube your butt plug every half hour to stay comfortable if you use Sassy Booty.

Thanks so much to Conscious Contraceptives for sending me this snazzy lube! Did you know that they are philanthropists in the world of contraceptive distribution? Plus their prices are awesome. You should shop there!