My Top 5 Favorite Lubes

I don’t write about lubes a whole lot here, because, well, they’re not that interesting, frankly. Much like a pair of scissors or a pair of socks, lube is something you hardly notice unless you’ve got a particularly shitty one.

That said, I do have my lube preferences. Like most sexually well-informed people with vaginas, I am picky about what I will slather all over my sex toys. Here are my top 5 picks, in no particular order.

1. Sliquid Organics Gel is my number-one, tried-and-true, go-to lube. As its name suggests, it has a thick, gel-like consistency, making it ideal for anal play or marathon vaginal sex sessions. It lasts way longer than most other water-based lubes I’ve tried, it’s paraben- and glycerin-free, it’s organic, and its smell and taste are unnoticeable. Truly a perfect lube.

2. Sliquid Sassy feels pretty much identical to the Organics Gel in texture and consistency. As far as I can tell, the only difference is that Sassy isn’t organic, and is usually a bit cheaper, depending on where you shop. I recommend Sassy to everyone, especially for anal play.

3. Sliquid Swirl in “Pink Lemonade.” Another Sliquid lube? Yep. Swirl is the only vagina-safe flavored lube I’ve ever encountered (it’s sweetened with aspartame instead of any kind of sugar), making it a godsend for those of us who like to experiment with nifty flavors during sex. The only one I’ve tried is the Pink Lemonade, though I hear that the other varieties are equally delicious.

4. Pjur Original Bodyglide is silicone-based, so it’s not as versatile as the aforementioned lubes – it can’t be used with most silicone toys. However, it lasts longer than its water-based counterparts, and it feels nicer to the touch. I use Pjur for handjobs, and sometimes on toys made of glass or steel. They don’t call it “Bodyglide” for nothin’.

5. Blossom Organics Natural Moisturizing Lubricant feels almost exactly like my natural vaginal fluids, which is why my boyfriend and I made the mutual decision to buy it after sampling all the lubes at Red Tent Sisters back in the day. Blossom is reasonably long-lasting, water-based, free of gross chemicals, and has a mild sweet taste. It remains my favorite lube for vaginal intercourse, though it is harder to find than the other lubes I’ve mentioned.

What’s your favorite lube and why? Do you use different lubes depending on what activities you’re doing?