Review: Blossom Organics natural moisturizing lubricant

A few months ago, The Boyfriend and I stopped by our local sex shop in search of a good lube. The criteria: it must be water-based (so as to be compatible with condoms and my silicone toys), vagina-friendly (no sugars or glycerin), and have an agreeable taste, smell, and texture.

They have quite an array of lubes there, including the widely acclaimed Hathor and Sliquid, but as soon as we tried Blossom Organics, we knew we had to have it, for one key reason: it actually feels like natural vaginal lubrication. It feels like how my pussy feels when I’ve had a couple of consecutive orgasms and I’m soaking through the bedsheets. We bought it on the spot.

There’s a lot to love about this lube. First off, it’s designed by women for women, so it’s everything your vagina could possibly want – pH-balanced, irritant-free, organic, and condom- and silicone-compatible. Its main ingredient is aloe extract, meaning it’s very slippery and very soothing. To give you an idea: I used this to ease myself back into comfortable intercourse after an agonizing case of BV. Yeah, this stuff feels nice on a vagina the same way aloe gel feels nice on sunburned skin.

The slip is divine, and takes about 5 minutes to wear off if you’re not re-lubricating, making this an okay choice for dry activities like handjobs as long as you spit in your hand every few minutes (though silicone-based is probably a better choice for those purposes). Blossom’s lube smells like aloe (very mild and natural, not unpleasant at all) and has a slightly sweet taste, making it ideal if you plan on partaking in oral pleasures after using it. No objectionable chemical flavors here!

The flip-top, squeeze-bottle design is such that more lube comes out than expected, which can be tricky, but ultimately I’m still a staunch defender of the idea that too much lube is far preferable to too little.

Blossom Organics is pretty awesome – they also make a clitoral arousal gel which I may very well try next, and a moisturizing cream made specifically to ease breast exams. They seem like a real stand-up company with good values; I feel great about giving them my business.