Review: Fun Factory LayaSpot

I was happy when I got offered a Fun Factory LayaSpot, because I’ve been wanting one ever since I saw one used in Sex is Fun’s “How to Use a Dildo” video. (Thanks, SiF, for teaching me how awesome it is to combine dildos with clit vibes when I was only 14!) I trusted that it would be a good toy if my favorite sex educators had used it.

Wrong. It’s actually just an average battery-powered vibe.

I’ve recently had the opportunity to try out a couple of Fun Factory’s older vibes, from back when they were still making battery-powered toys (as opposed to the amazing creations they churn out nowadays). I tried the LayaSpot and the old version of the Ocean, and both disappointed me. They are lacking in power and it makes my clit sad.

The LayaSpot’s first speed is so low, it’s laughable. It feels like there is an insect buzzing somewhere vaguely close to my skin.

The other speeds border on passable – they’re akin to the middling speeds on a rechargeable vibe, I guess – but they’re so buzzy that I go numb very quickly when I use ‘em. It also feels like the vibrations are somewhat buried in the toy, instead of being located at the surface where they should be.

There are a total of 8 speeds and 3 different modes of vibration. None of them have been enough to get me off, but my clit needs a fair amount of power. More sensitive anatomy might have an easier time with this toy.

To the LayaSpot’s credit, it is a very ergonomically and cleverly shaped toy. It feels good in the hand and curves nicely against the pubic mound, arcing right into the clit. I would have no objections whatsoever if Fun Factory was to update the LayaSpot and make it rechargeable, strong, and rumbly. I think it would easily be one of the best clit vibes available if they did that, especially for people who like their clit stimulation neither broad nor pinpointed but somewhere in between.

The non-porous and phthalate-free exterior of LayaSpot comes in about a zillion different colors. Mine is light pink and dark pink, but you can also get it in various other quirky combinations. Fun Factory’s color choices are always appreciable, as my lime green Patchy Paul and bright turquoise Ocean can attest.

Overall, while I really enjoy the LayaSpot’s shape, size, and appearance, its motor just doesn’t cut the mustard. The vibrations are too weak and surfacey to get me off, plus they’re fairly loud, despite FF’s marketing claims of a “strong, quiet” motor. I really wish they would overhaul this vibe as a rechargeable, because I would buy the shit out of that.