Review: Fun Factory Stronic Eins

The Stronic Eins is one of the most interesting and truly new sex toys that has been launched in a long time. And unlike most “revolutionary” toys, it’s actually as amazing as it claims to be.

For those of you who don’t know, this is no regular vibrator: instead of buzzing or rumbling, it thrusts. It moves back and forth in small but very noticeable motions. When you masturbate with it, it basically does the hard work for you. Brilliant, right?

I chose the hot pink one. It’s a great shade of pink, so hot it’s almost red. The toy feels sturdy and high-quality. Fun Factory’s silicone is always a drag (both literally and figuratively), but it’s nothing a little water-based lube can’t fix. The toy doesn’t come with a storage bag (which is frankly a bit shocking for a $200 product), so you may want to wrap it in a plastic baggie or something when you store it, to avoid the dreaded lint attack.

A strange thing I love about the Stronic is its buttons. It has three buttons – “Fun” (which turns it on and off) and a regular set of plus and minus buttons. They are dome-like, fun to press, and difficult to set off accidentally. This is always a good thing.

Like many other FF products, the Stronic charges via Click ‘n’ Charge. My toy came with a charger but apparently some don’t; it may depend on the retailer. Many places carry the charger separately for about $5, so it’s not a big deal to add one to your cart.

There is a nub toward the bottom of the toy’s shaft that is meant to stimulate the clitoris. While the shaft is inside me, there is no position or angle which could ever allow this nub to hit my clit in a million years. Fortunately, this isn’t the type of toy that gets my clit going anyway. (I use my Eroscillator for that.)

The tip of the Stronic barely curves up, and yet it’s astonishingly effective. It has to be positioned juuust right in order to hit my G-spot, but once I get it into place, it’s heavenly. (Hint: this is not a toy you should insert all the way into your vagina, like you might with a dildo, unless your G-spot happens to be super deep.)

The Stronic has a variety of different pulsation speeds and patterns: “samba,” “rattle,” “gallop,” and so on. Some are a steady back-and-forth, while some vary. I prefer my thrusting steady, so I use those modes almost exclusively. The higher settings get so fast that they start to feel almost like weak vibration instead of like thrusts, so I’m not really a fan of those – but the lower modes work beautifully.

I was very, very surprised by how well my vagina responds to the Stronic Eins. I get that pleasurable “need to pee” feeling almost immediately once the tip of the turned-on toy comes into contact with my G-spot. Combined with a great clit vibe, I can have intense blended orgasms in a short amount of time – every time. This toy homes in on my G-spot and just keeps on truckin’ until I’m done, which can’t always be said for a lover’s penis or even a dildo I’m thrusting with my own hand.

But that’s not to say that it’s better than those things. It’s just different. The Stronic doesn’t feel like a lover fucking your brains out, nor does it feel like getting slammed hard with a dildo. It’s a smaller, more delicate, more precise, more concentrated motion, sweeping right over my G-spot with each thrust.

The Stronic needs to be held in place or it’ll wiggle its way out of your vagina. You can’t hold it too tight, though, or the thrusting motion will be impeded. I like to lightly brace a couple of fingers against the toy’s handle to keep it from shimmying out of me; a pillow can also be used for this purpose.

It may look like a girthy toy, but keep in mind that you probably won’t be inserting it very deeply. It needs to go in just far enough for the tip to hit your G-spot, no further.

I’ll be honest: it’s hard to recommend a $200 sex toy. This is the most expensive toy I’ve ever reviewed and I’m trying very hard to imagine whether I would plonk down that kind of money if I hadn’t been sent the toy for free. Knowing what I know now, though, I think I would. There is absolutely nothing else like this toy on the market and it is worth the money if you like thrusting.

Buy the Stronic Eins if you want some low-effort lovin’ for your G-spot, and if you can contend with the $200 price tag, sticky silicone, and lack of a storage bag. It is worthy of your money.