Review: ID Frutopia mango-flavoured lube

Flavoured lubricant has never particularly excited me. Maybe it’s because, the second time I ever had sex with anyone, my then-girlfriend thoroughly doused both our vulvae in blueberry cheesecake-flavoured lube just for fun, resulting in a giggly and unsatisfying scissoring session. I’ve since tried a few other kinds and have never found them all that thrilling. But I can honestly say that ID’s “mango passion”-flavoured offering has completely changed my mind about what flavoured lubes can do.

Before “taking it for a spin,” my boyfriend and I both tasted the ID lube on our fingers and agreed that it is totally delicious. It really does taste like what it’s supposed to taste like – not a watered-down, medicinal version of that flavor. I practically wanted to drink the stuff out of the bottle, so I was excited to see how it would perform on my man’s already-yummy cock.

I squeezed out a few pumps of mango goodness onto his shaft. (The pump bottle dispenses a pretty perfect amount of fluid each time, without squirting or clogging – victory!) I immediately noticed that this lube’s scent carries a fair distance – I could smell mango from arm’s length, an appetizing fragrance that made me want to dive right in.

A lot of flavoured lubes fail when blended with the natural taste of genitalia, but this one is just fine in that respect. Warmed up by my man’s skin, ID tastes like a rich mango liqueur. It sweetens and partially masks some flavours that are occasionally less than sweet, like pre-cum, “balls musk,” and even semen.

The simple fact is, this lube does what a flavoured lube should do – it makes a lover’s junk into candy. And that, of course, translates into increased enthusiasm from the partner giving oral. Everyone wins! My boyfriend can confirm that the BJs I’ve given using this mango deliciousness have been some of my best performances, leading to hot, spurty, convulse-y orgasms on his part.

Still, though, ID’s lube isn’t flawless. It gets gummy within two or three minutes if left alone – this is common for water-based lubes – but can be revitalized with a little moisture (which, trust me, you’ll be licking it a lot, so this won’t be a problem for most people). It also tends to get really sticky and doesn’t wipe off easily – I have to go wash my hands after finishing up, when my boyfriend really just wants to cuddle with me. The mango scent lingers on my hands even after washing, which may be a pro or a con for you, depending on how you feel about having fruity fingers.

Because this lube contains glycerin, I don’t recommend that anyone put it on their vulva, for oral sex, penetration, or otherwise, as glycerin can lead to nasty yeast infections for those of us who are susceptible to them. However, us ladyfolk can still reap the benefits of this lube by smearing it on our nipples and commanding someone to lick it off, which I’m sure they’ll be delighted to do.

ID’s Frutopia collection contains several other flavours, including banana, raspberry, strawberry, and watermelon. It’s a great addition to foreplay, making your sexytimes even more pleasing to the palate!

Thanks so much to Sex Toys Canada for making my sex life sweeter!