Review: Sqweel Go

I am an oral sex fiend, so the Sqweel has always intrigued me. The latest iteration of this inventive cunnilingus simulator is called the Sqweel Go, and it fixes all the problems reviewers complained about with the original: it’s smaller, stronger, and rechargeable. It’s a great toy and I’m sure it will be well-received, but it just didn’t do the trick for me.

First off: the size. The original Sqweel was large enough that it made it impossible to use a dildo in conjunction with it, and that sucked, so I’m glad they fixed it. But the adorably tiny tongues of the Sqweel Go just don’t have the same impact on my clit that the bigger ones did. It’s like receiving cunnilingus from a pixie: a cute novelty, but ultimately ineffectual. More sensitive clits will enjoy the reprieve from traditional, pressure-friendly toys, but if you’re even slightly a power queen, I don’t think this’ll do it for ya.

See, I can have an orgasm from the Sqweel Go, but it doesn’t really feel like an orgasm. The tongues dance so lightly and quickly across my clit that it’s like the bare minimum amount of stimulation that could possibly get me off; the orgasms feel more like I’m floating off a cliff than leaping from it. The original Sqweel more-or-less replicated the profound orgasms I get from oral sex, but the sensations of the Sqweel Go pale in comparison.

The toy’s size contributes to this, and so does the pressure problem. You can’t press down on the Sqweel (any Sqweel). As soon as the tongues encounter any resistance, they slow or stop. And as someone who directs my boyfriend to squeeze my clit rhythmically with his lips when I reach orgasm, I find that I need that pressure – if not during the build-up, then certainly during the orgasm itself. So the climaxes I experience from the Sqweel Go tend to be disappointing and unsatisfying. Bummer.

In sectors other than sensation and size, I don’t perceive a whole lot of difference between this Sqweel and the previous ones. It’s USB-rechargeable, which I guess is better than batteries, but hasn’t had much of an effect on the toy’s power as far as I can tell. It’s quieter, because it’s smaller. It still has three patterns and they still disappoint me (too many pauses in between “licks”). It’s conveniently pocket-sized, but I’m not sure I’ll encounter a situation in which I’ll actually want to carry it around in my pocket.

I think I’ve matured as a reviewer, because this is a toy that has given me several orgasms and yet I’m able to say that I don’t like it and articulate why. It can sometimes be confusing when that happens – your brain, swathed in yummy post-orgasmic neurotransmitters, wants you to like whatever got you off – but when said orgasms are as literally anticlimactic as the ones I get from the Sqweel Go, it’s hard to feel appreciative.