Review: SSA Glass Sweet Lola

I am an unabashed fan of SSA Glass, even though their toys are cheap and probably not great quality, and apparently they are actually a Chinese glassware company.

Whatever, bro. I don’t even care. I have several of their toys and they’re all made of lovely borosilicate glass. They have a wide variety of shapes and sizes. And, most amazingly of all, every single SSA Glass toy comes with a red velvet storage bag – which is more than bigwig companies like Pipedream seem to be able to manage.

This time around, I got to try the Sweet Lola, a G-spotting dildo with a long, thin, straight shaft, and a tilted bulb at the end.

The Lola will not impress those whose G-spots need a C-shaped curve to be pleased, but for those of us whose spots are more easily impressed, it’s pretty lovely.

Like all glass G-spotters, it can provide intense, firm, unrelenting pressure. The circular handle makes the amount of pressure easy to control, and also ensures that the dildo won’t slip out of your hand even when it’s lubed. The handle’s slimness also makes it easy to use the Lola on a partner during oral sex, which I love. And of course, the handle also acts as a flared base, making the toy anal-safe as well.

The Lola has an insertable length of 5 ½", which allows it to go deeper than most people’s G-spots actually are. I can stimulate my A-spot with this toy, and can actually switch back and forth between the two spots fairly effortlessly. This makes it a very versatile toy.

While the bulb is 1 ½" at its widest point, the shaft is only 1" wide – so don’t get this if you crave the feeling of being filled up. The toy’s slimness would make it ideal for women with smaller/tighter vaginas who still want some G-spot lovin’ – like me!

I don’t know if I would change anything about this toy, to be honest. That doesn’t mean it’s necessarily “the perfect dildo,” but what it does, it does very well: it accesses my G-spot easily, and takes zero effort to hold onto.

The Sweet Lola gets my recommendation for someone wanting to buy their first glass dildo or explore their G-spot for the first time. Hell, I’m no novice and I still enjoyed it!