Review: Tantus Ripple (large)

Sometimes I think Tantus knows butts better than any other toy company. Their anal toys consistently impress me more than almost anyone else’s. And I know that this is because Tantus has real people test their prototypes before production starts. There is no “Did they test this on actual butts?” syndrome with Tantus toys.

This time I’m reviewing the large Ripple, a supersized version of one I’ve already reviewed. (See my tweet for a visual comparison between the small and large sizes.) The small one is for butts that want to take baby steps; the large one, on the other hand, is up to the task of warming you up for Real Actual Anal Sex.

Let’s talk diameters for a second. The small Ripple starts at ¼” and ramps up to 1″. The large Ripple’s first bead starts off basically where the small size left off, at 7/8″, and goes all the way up to 1 ½” – a.k.a. roughly the width of the average penis. So if you’ve already experimented with a couple of fingers in your butt and you want to work your way up to anal sex, the large size is the one you want to get.

But this isn’t just a warm-up toy, obviously. This is a toy that actually makes me want to incorporate anal play into my masturbation sessions, which I don’t do often. Usually I just pop in a plug an hour or two before I plan on jerking off, and take it out once I’m aroused enough to start. But the Ripples are designed to be used actively, thrusted in and out, so they pair beautifully with a good clitoral vibe.

I thought the 6 ½” insertable length of the large Ripple would make it uncomfortable for me, as I historically have issues with long anal toys. However, Tantus silicone is pliable enough that I can fully insert the Ripple without length-based pain or discomfort. It conforms to the shape of my inner workings.

I sometimes have trouble getting over the hump of that final bead; 1 ½” is pushing my butt’s boundaries. But there’s no rush – I can always just work the second-to-last bead in and out until I’m ready to go for more. (Seriously, folks, anal play is not a race! And I’m reiterating this not only for your benefit but for mine as well.)

The first bead is kind of floppy sometimes when I’m trying to insert it, so usually I need to hold the toy’s base in one hand and use the other hand to guide the tip into my ass. Maybe not the most convenient thing if you’re trying to use one hand to hold another toy, rub your clit, etc., but it only takes a second so it’s not a huge deal.

If you compare my photos to the ones on the product page, you’ll see that my Ripple has a thinner, flimsier base. I can only assume that Tantus has updated their bases to be thicker and more substantial, since they’ve been known to do that, and that mine happens to be an older toy. If base thickness matters to you (for example, if you plan on using this toy in a harness), you may want to verify that you’re getting the new version before you order from a retailer.

As with most silicone anal toys, this one retains a bit of butt smell. That can be taken care of by giving it a rubdown with a hydrogen peroxide solution. You’ll also want to boil any anal toys before sharing them, even between fluid-bonded partners, so your unique digestive flora doesn’t make your partner sick or vice versa.

Overall, I’m impressed with this anal probe. It feels really good moving in and out of my ass (when lubed properly, of course) and I know it will be a valuable tool for me when I start wanting to prepare for my first anal sex experience. My ass gives its seal of approval to the large Tantus Ripple!