Review: Tantus Uncut #1 (+ GIVEAWAY!)


When I give sex advice to youngins, one of the things I always tell them is, “You might think you know what you like and what you want, but once you actually start having sex, that might change completely.”

I say this because it’s a lesson I’ve learned countless times in my journey from virgin to pervert: don’t knock anything until you try it.

A particularly salient example of this is my attitude toward realistic dildos. When I was 15, 16, even 18, and the only sex I’d had was of the lesbian variety, I scoffed at cock-like dongs. I thought of penises as a necessary evil in hetero sex, a means to an end, an accessory to the main event. I got off most easily from a tongue on my clit, and figured that I’d just have to suffer through the other components of straight fucking. And part of me believed that all women felt that way. So who would ever need or want a realistic dildo?

Wow, how my opinion changed. Sometime around my 19th birthday, penis-in-vagina sex entered my sexual repertoire. And while there was definitely a learning curve, once my partner and I had figured out each other’s bodies, our PIV sex became fucking stellar. I still couldn’t (and can’t) get off from penetration alone, but it hardly mattered to me. I began to crave cock, just as I’d thought I never would.

All this to say: the Tantus Uncut #1 is the kind of dildo I would have hated at age 17, but that I absolutely love now.


The first time I put the Uncut #1 in my vag, I noticed that it felt a bit like my beloved Mustang – i.e. soft, squishy, but firm enough to please my G-spot. I’m not the only one who’s made this comparison. Tantus’ flexible dual-density O2 silicone pairs beautifully with the big juicy head on the Uncut #1, making for a dildo that feels real enough to indulge my PIV fantasies while also still feeling, y’know, like a great dildo.

Once, after a long wank sesh with the Uncut, I slid it out of me and fondled it, and I was amazed at how real it felt when it was all warm and wet. The skin-like texture and fleshy squish of this dildo make it one of the best nonporous realistic options on the market, right up there with the VixSkin line.

Dimensions-wise, the Uncut #1 is a bit strange. Its 1.75″ girth is perfect, but it has an insertable length of 7.45″, which is… excessive. Luckily, you don’t have to use the whole length (I never do, because I physically can’t), and those extra inches will be a blessing if you use this dildo for strap-on play, since harnesses shorten dildos’ useable length.


The shaft of the Uncut #1 features lots of veiny texture. I have to use more lube than usual for it to be comfortable, but then, I’m not much of a texture fan. Occasionally I get that “vaginal rugburn” feeling once the lube dries down a little, but usually at that point I’m halfway to orgasm and the pain mingles with pleasure so I just feel properly fucked rather than sore.

I don’t find that the Uncut targets any particular spots inside me. Its coronal ridge slides over my G-spot deliciously with every thrust, and it’s long enough that I get a little A-spot stimulation if I shove it in as deep as it’ll go, but neither spot gets a lot of stimulation from this toy. It’s more of an all-over sensation for my vagina – which still feels pretty excellent.

Overall I’m dazzled by what an excellent realistic dildo Tantus has created with the Uncut #1. I initially wanted it for the novelty factor – foreskins, yay! – so I didn’t expect it to be this terrific. High five, Tantus!


Now, here’s some exciting news… I am giving away an Uncut #1 to one lucky reader!

The lovely folks at Tantus gifted me two Uncuts, identical except for their color, and I decided to keep the mocha one – so the cocoa one is up for grabs! See the Rafflecopter widget below for deets on how you can enter.

Just so you know: this was a sample piece, so it won’t come in plastic packaging. (But don’t be alarmed: it hasn’t been used, obviously.) This giveaway is also only open to readers age 18+ from Canada and the U.S. Sorry, international friends!

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  • Lavender

    I fricking love uncut penis because I’m a tease and I lovelovelove to play with foreskin after my partner has come until they literally cannot take it. 😀

  • Artemisia FemmeCock

    I had the same aversion to realistic dildos but lately I have been all about them, and the uncuts just make me so happy!

  • Cayen

    My favourite thing about uncircumcised penises is that it’s such a different thing from my own, circumcised one. The extra tissue fascinates me. There’s a lot for me to explore and compare and discover.

  • Teacup

    Hm… I’d have to say that my favourite thing about uncircumcised penises is the difference in texture and the foreplay is more intense.

  • Missy B

    Good first dildo ever? Hope so xo

    • If you like the look of realistic dildos & can handle the size of this one, then I think it could be a good first one, yeah!

  • Brian

    My favorite thing about uncircumcised penis’? I think the favorite part is the mystique seeing as I’ve never encountered one in the wild, nor have I have the pleasure of playing with a toy. I was LITERALLY just tweeting about how I like the look of these uncut dildos. My wife isn’t a fan of the look, but taking your advice of trying new things, she might come (double meaning intended) around.

  • xtina

    I’m going to be a bit immature and say that my favorite thing about uncircumcised penises is that they look like worms and I think that’s just adorable.

  • Lauren Danielle

    I don’t have a favorite thing about uncircumcised penises. I’ve never tried one and yet, I’m strangely fascinated by this. First for everything I guess.

  • I’ve only ever been with circumcised penises, but I’m always fascinated with pulling the skin up over the head as I stroke them. I bet I’d love it even more with an uncut penis.

  • Dahlia Rae

    I want one!!! This is topping my list lately. I have never had an uncut penis and want to try one!

  • Pegasister42

    As someone who loves celebrations of different body types, it’s so refreshing to see intact penises getting the recognition they deserve. The fact that so many people seem to think it’s gross to be uncircumcised is sad, and toys like this helps fight that stigma.

  • trix23

    Knowing that the guy has so much extra sensation is awesome!

  • Telercoi

    Wow, the comparison to the Mustang is high praise indeed – well done all around, Tantus!

  • Come Heather

    I lost my virginity to an intact guy, so I’ll always have a special place in my heart for the foreskin. I’m definitely an intactivist.

  • BlackAsphodel

    I just like how uncircumcised penises look and I would never circumcise my child’s penis if I had one.

  • PassionCpl

    As a bi pegging couple with an uncut hubby and a particular fondness for the Mustang, this looks like a must-have in our book. Thanks for the great review!

  • Kindred

    What do I love about uncircumcised penises? It’s how god intended them to be. 🙂

  • J-Hawk Brit

    A new shower time friend would be nice. Never played with an uncircumcised one.

  • I mean. But there’s so many things! Easier handjobs, not having to think about genital mutilation surgery during sex, the general look of things (most of my partners have been uncut, and seeing a circumcised penis for the first time was a bit of a shock — “but it looks so naked. And lonely. What’s going on???”

    The list goes on! :p

  • My Favorite Obsession

    I’ve never been with an intact guy, but my favorite thing about intact penises would be the fact that they get more sensation than circumcised ones.

  • sarah c

    I’ve never been with someone who was uncircumcised

  • Myra

    I’ve never been around one in person, but I’ve always liked the look and I’ve heard it can make hand jobs more pleasurable for the guy. Would be interesting to try. ~<3

  • marshmarsh

    This is the kind of penis I would have had if I’d been born with the right equipment- I would ADORE getting this as a strap-on, thank you!

    • marshmarsh

      As far as my favorite things about uncut penises- I love the way the foreskin can slide around, I love the look of them and the way they aesthetically soften the corona, I love the tip peeping out shyly at the top, I love that people with lots of foreskin can slide it over another person’s penis, I love the extra sensitivity involved and the softer, smoother head. It’s really pretty and there are not NEARLY enough body-safe toys that are uncut.

      • BlackAsphodel

        I like everything you do. 🙂

  • Pete James

    I love how uncircumcised penises stand up for themselves and don’t conform to the norm :p Plus being uncut allows for more sensitivity to be retained over time which makes sex and masturbation even more enjoyable.

  • Fabiana Green

    They are more aesthetically pleasing to me. Hopefully it becomes a trend in the dildo world.

  • dv8

    Uncircumcised penises have more nerve endings.

  • Sand

    I like that they sport a turtleneck look.

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