Review: Vibratex G-Spotter attachment

The Vibratex G-Spotter attachment is designed to slip over the head of your Hitachi to make it more versatile. I wasn’t a fan of my Hitachi, so I gave it away to a friend, and as a result, I’ve been testing out my new G-Spotter on the Bodywand. It fits perfectly, because the two wands are almost identical in shape and size.

The G-Spotter is made of vinyl, which is porous and may or may not contain phthalates. It’s probably unreasonable for me to expect a $15 toy to have some semblance of safety and health-consciousness, but I’m still kind of annoyed that this attachment has a strong rubbery smell and can never be fully sanitized.

This dude tells me my G-spot should like “firm pressure with mild vibration,” and he’s half-right. I don’t typically like internal vibration, though sometimes I can be swayed to enjoy it if it’s very strong and I’m very turned on.

However, this attachment totally misses my G-spot every time. The curve isn’t extreme enough. I’m sure it would work for some folks vaginally, but it sure didn’t work for me.

Clitorally, though, it’s much better. It focuses the broad power of my Bodywand into an inch-wide tip that my clit really digs. And when I have the patience and arm strength to hold the wand in one hand and a dildo in the other, it can be a very satisfying experience.

There’s another way to use this attachment: you can insert the vaginal part all the way, so that the wand’s head is mashed up against your clit. I tried this and found that the G-spot stimulation was too indirect and the clit vibration was too broad and numbing, but someone out there would surely love this sensation.

You could also insert it anally, but I wouldn’t recommend that unless you don’t plan on using it any other way. Once you get ass bacteria into the pores of this vinyl attachment, that bacteria’s not going anywhere – it’s there for life, so think wisely (or buy two, and label them clearly).

In the end, while the G-Spotter attachment certainly isn’t the fanciest toy out there, it fulfills a pretty useful purpose: it focuses the brute strength of my Bodywand into a slim, clit-approved point. I’d like to upgrade to a silicone version eventually, so I won’t have to worry about sanitary issues, but for now, this’ll do.

Many thanks, Sex Toys Canada!