Review: Vixen Creations Maverick

I ordered the VixSkin Maverick impulsively one night when I was having a major craving for girthy silicone cock.

This is not usually something I crave. Ordinarily I stick with my moderately-sized toys and they fill up my smallish pussy pretty well. But lately I’ve been wanting to push my vagina’s boundaries – not just because bigger toys are starting to feel good to me, but also because I don’t want to be limited as a sex toy reviewer.

So, I bought the Maverick. And I kind of love it.

Maverick is made of a material called VixSkin that you may have heard me rave about before (and again, and again). It’s dual-density silicone, meaning that it’s firm on the inside and squishy on the outside.

There are basically two camps of people, those who prefer O2 and those who prefer VixSkin, and your preference will depend on whether your orifices like toys that are soft and squishy (VixSkin) or relatively firm (O2). Personally, I lean toward the former group, but it really depends on my mood.

The Maverick is 2″ in diameter. That’s pretty fucking girthy. I was expecting pain or a lengthy warm-up process, but actually, the first time I inserted my Maverick, I experienced neither. I lubed it up, slowly slid it in, and was pain-free the whole time. Hallelujah.

The secret to Maverick being so comfortable is, of course, its squishiness. I would say that a 2″-wide VixSkin dildo feels more like 1 ½”-wide firmer dildo – so keep that in mind, whether you love that stretched-out feeling or would rather avoid it at all costs.

Maverick’s head is big and exaggerated. Its coronal ridge juts way out, and is followed by another ridge that’s meant to look like a retracted foreskin. That’s some significant and hella noticeable texture, and it feels highly pleasurable and realistic.

Maverick’s girth and shape allow it to feel good even when I’m not moving it. The head pushes against my G-spot while I clench my muscles or even while I’m holding still. I am not a squirter (yet?) but I’m sure this toy could make me squirt if I was. The G-spot pressure is that intense.

The base is a suction cup. Maverick looks funny and awesome when firmly attached to my shower wall. One time I forgot it in there by accident, and had to run back and grab it before anyone else used that bathroom. That story isn’t really important information to include in a review, I guess. Oh well.

One night, I had my boyfriend put on my RodeoH harness and fuck me with the Maverick. It was fantastic, even though my boyfriend has zero experience using a strap-on. The dildo stayed in place really well and we had no issues, even though we were fucking pretty hard. (Also, can I get a round of applause for my boyfriend for being secure enough in his masculinity to strap on an enormous dildo and use it on me?!)

To sum up, the Maverick is a dildo I would wholeheartedly recommend to seasoned size queens as well as SQs-in-training. It’s well-designed, high-quality, and makes me feel lucky to have a G-spot.