Sex Toy Wishlist #3

Yes, it’s that time again, folks! Here’s another list of sex toys that I’m aching for at the moment.

1. Duncan Charles Designs G-Brush – I’ve never tried a ceramic dildo before. I imagine it shares a similar firmness and heft with glass, which sounds pretty good to me. Duncan Charles Designs make some gorgeous ceramic toys and my vag is already fawning over the sight of this G-Brush. I feel like it’d either be profoundly uncomfortable or astonishingly effective.

2. ISA Research and Education Kegelcisor – I am very partial to kegel exercisers that double as pleasurable toys. The idea of it is so wonderful, though it’s so often poorly executed. This stainless steel “Kegelcisor” looks like a winner, though. (Can you tell yet that I love toy materials with a naturally low temperature? Give me glass and steel e’ry day!)

3. Venus Aromatic Bath Salts – Normally I don’t even look at “sensual” products on sex toy websites, but this brand of bath salts comes in a scent called “man.” Seriously, “MAN.” There was some joking around between my Twitter followers and I about what this could possibly mean, but I’m guessing some sort of tame cologne scent. Still, though: a must-try. If just so that, when someone asks me what I’m wearing to make me smell so nice, I can say, “Man.”

4. We-Vibe Tango – We-Vibe’s rechargeable clitoral vibes are supposedly some of the strongest available. After less-than-satisfying experiences with Nea, Mia, and others, I would really love to get my hands on a clit vibe that knows what it’s doing. Particularly one that comes in blue. (Oh, We-Vibe, you know the way to my heart.)

5. Fun Factory G4 Patchy Paul – Up til now, I have somehow managed to go through life without owning a single Fun Factory toy. This definitely needs to change. The G4 vibes are rechargeable and waterproof and are hailed as some of the strongest vibes you can get with those qualities – plus, they come in positively delightful colors. I’m pretty sure Patchy Paul and I could get to be good friends.