Sharing the Sexy #16

“Just say no to porous materials,” says Ash Russell. YES!

• Toronto photographer Michèle Pearson Clarke is doing a photography project wherein queer women hold hands with an ex-partner who they’re no longer friends with. This looks wonderful, and I would dearly love to get in touch with my ex to see if she’d be interested, except I’m pretty sure she hates me now…

• Speaking of Toronto, the Erotic Arts and Crafts Fair is coming up on February 9th. See you there!

• Here’s a lovely piece about the death of the founder of PFLAG.

One more victory for marriage equality! Yay!

• Rachel Rabbit White writes about Christian women who act as womb surrogates for gay men who want children. The adversity faced by the woman in the story is shocking, though I guess it shouldn’t be at this point. Religious extremists will always find a way to twist scripture to suit themselves.

• Here’s an article on how to have Skype sex. I’ve tried it a few times and it felt weird to me, but I guess I just need practice.