Sharing the Sexy #19

This website will deliver your sex toy purchases to your door within an hour if you live in the Toronto area. Oh my god, is this the future?!

• This poll infographic seeks to answer the question, what is and isn’t cheating?

• Ever wanted to become a sex toy reviewer like moi? Epiphora wrote a beginner’s guide and I give it an A+!

• Here’s some interesting stats about porn stars.

• This week I fell in love with Tits and Sass, a blog by and for sex workers.

• These stories about sex cults are intriguing and strange, as you might expect.

• New rumors are always cropping up about who will play Christian Grey in the 50 Shades film, and the current contender is Ed Westwick. I’d watch that.

The genders aren’t as separate and different as you may think. Awesome!