Spit x Girly Juice: Their Cameras, My Toys

Dear darlings: as I write this, I am gearing up for what will inevitably be one of the best weekends of my year.

Tonight, Playground Conference kicks off. It runs until Sunday night, and will be a whirlwind of smart panels, silly storytelling, and fun times with friends. I’m so excited!

My pals at Spit are running an erotic boudoir photography session for all attendees who want to go, and asked if I’d like to lend them some “props” for folks to use in their pictures. I’m always happy to assist with this sort of thing (what’s the point of having a huge sex toy collection if I’m the only one who ever uses it?!) so I picked out some stuff I thought they might like.

Here’s what I packed into a bag to hand off to the Spit folks today…


An assortment of dildos! I selected some good ones that I thought would look nice in photos, and boiled ’em yesterday so they’d be all clean and pretty for Spit and their subjects.

To keep things balanced and to provide a wide array of options, I chose three realistic dildos and three that are less so. In the penis-esque category: the Tantus Adam O2, Tantus Mark O2 and Tantus Uncut #1. (Um, I like Tantus. And, possibly, I didn’t want to part with my VixSkin for a weekend.) In the less-realistic camp: I pulled the Topco Rascal El Diablo (it’s huge!!), Maia D3 DIL, and Fuze Wilde. All of these toys are really gorgeous and I think they will translate well to photos.


Naturally, you can’t lend someone harness-compatible dildos for photos without also lending them a harness! I’m hesitant to trust anyone with my Aslan Jaguar, but I know if anyone’ll take good care of it, Spit will.

The great thing about the Jag is that it’s suuuuper adjustable, so folks of most body sizes and types will be able to sport this beautiful harness in their photos if they want to. Yay, inclusivity!


I can’t seem to find my Aslan cuffs at the moment (WHAT IS THE POINT OF LIVING, am I right?!), but these pink metallic cuffs from Unicorn Collaborators are just as pretty and just as effective. And they have hearts and stars on them!

I bought these at the Erotic Arts & Crafts Fair a couple years ago, and ever since, I’ve been dearly wishing that Unicorn Collaborators had an online shop so I could recommend their kink wares to everyone I know. Ah well, maybe one day…!

tumblr_inline_mp5uuejhiW1qz4rgpThis silk and leather pearl-studded blindfold is from the Lelo Bridal Pleasure Set, and while you might recall that I kind of hate it, it sure does look pretty in pictures.


What sexy props would you want to have on hand if you were posing for boudoir photos? And, more importantly: will I see you this weekend at Playground?!