Review: Stockroom Neon Angel Bust Harness


Content warning: this post has boobs in it!

I’ve been increasingly interested in leather chest harnesses over the past year or so. The more I learned about them, the more I wanted one. While I’m a frivolous femme and definitely appreciate aesthetic trappings for their visual appeal, what really made me want a chest harness was when I found out they have practical kink applications as well. When you’re strapped into a chest harness, it’s that much easier for a partner to pull you toward them, throw you around, and get you exactly where they want you. Excuse me; I’ll be in my bunk.

So I was excited when Stockroom offered me some products to review and I saw that they carry (among sooo many other things) a hot pink leather chest harness. SIGN ME UP.

The Neon Angel bust harness is made of pink leather with nickel-plated hardware. It isn’t as buttery-soft as my Aslan Leather products, but I expect it’ll soften up the more that I wear it (that’s one of my favorite things about leather!).

It fastens in two places: behind your neck, like a collar, and on your back, like a bra. As a femmey, submissive person with boobs, I love how simultaneously feminine, small, curvaceous and helpless it makes me feel to be cinched and squeezed in those two places. It’s the mild throat constriction of a collar combined with the very slight boob-lifting of a wireless bralette, and the effect is super cute.

The T-strap connecting the collar to the underbust is adjustable, to allow for different torso lengths. You can also detach the two parts of the harness using this strap, if you want to wear the collar and underbust portions separately, though they each look a little lonely and incomplete without the other!

The collar portion can fit necks ranging in circumference from about 10″ to 13″. The underbust portion, meanwhile, can get as small as 24″ and as large as 35″. Unfortunately, this means it probably won’t fit most plus-size folks. My dress size is 12, I usually wear large-size shirts, and I have a 33″ underbust, so it fits me comfortably with a few holes to spare – but a size-14 friend tried this on and couldn’t get the underbust part fastened comfortably. There’s only about an inch of extra space at the end of the leather strap to add extra holes if you wanted to.

As a fashion item, I find this harness surprisingly versatile! I’ve worn it over dresses, as pictured, and also over crop tops, T-shirts, and lingerie. However, it works just as well when I wear it while otherwise naked, or while just wearing panties. It has a submissive babygirl aesthetic that I adore, and which is obviously pretty on-brand for me! In addition to the pink color, you can also snap up this harness in bright yellow or black – and the black version is even available in vegan PVC if you’d rather not buy leather.

Worn naked, the leather is slightly chafey against my skin if I’m moving around a lot, but not moreso than other leather items I might wear during sex, like cuffs or a collar. My past experiences with leather tell me this chafeyness will lessen up over time, too, as the material softens and starts conforming to my shape.

One of my favorite things about this harness is those big 1.5″ D-rings on the front – one by my throat, one right between my boobs. As with any D-ring, you can use these to attach the harness to rope, cuffs, a leash, or other bondage accessories to create elaborate predicaments if you so desire. For example, I once had a partner attach two carabiners from my under-the-bed restraints to the D-ring on a collar I was wearing, effectively chaining me to the bed so I couldn’t move. There are lots of fun things you can do with these D-rings!

One of their best and simplest uses, however, is as a handle for pulling and manipulating the person wearing the harness. As you can see from these photos, if you’ve got a partner wearing this harness, you can grab ’em by a D-ring to pull them in for a kiss – or to throw them around as part of various other kinky activities. I love, for example, being tugged around by a chest harness when I’m blindfolded; it adds to my feeling of being helpless and needing my dominant partner’s guidance for everything.

Overall I’m delighted to own this harness! I’ve found it unexpectedly versatile, both for fashion purposes and for kink purposes. I think it’ll get a lot more wear in the future!

All photos in this post were taken by Taylor J Mace. Thanks to Taylor, and also to my lovely co-model in some of these shots, A.! Thanks also to Stockroom for sending me this product to review. Check out their wide selection of body harnesses!

Review: Rouge Garments Red Padded Collar


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from practicing kink, it’s that there’s no such thing as objectively good or objectively bad.

What I like might gross you out. What you like might hurt me too much. What I hate might make you laugh. What you hate might turn me on. When it comes to kink, one man’s trash is another man’s pleasure.

I thought about that a lot while trying the Rouge Garments red padded collar I was sent by Bondage Bunnies. It’s awkwardly wide (2.75 inches, to be precise), making it feel like a neck brace when I wear it. The thick padding seems like it would increase comfort, but it actually makes the collar bulkier and more restrictive. The collar’s thickness and rigidness make it difficult to turn my head while it’s on me. Its clasp is difficult to undo on my own, often taking several minutes of pushing, pulling, sweating and swearing before it’ll pop free.

imageBut look at that list of defects again, and you’ll see that this collar is surely exactly what some people are looking for. Bondage toys are, by their nature, meant to be restrictive and uncomfortable; it’s just that some people like more extreme levels of restriction and discomfort than others. For me, this collar was too much; for some folks, it’d be ideal.

My relationship to collars is, I will admit, somewhat frivolous. Aside from this one, I also own a pink and black Aslan Leather collar and one from Ardene that is technically a dog collar. For the most part, I consider them fashion accessories – but in a deeper sense, I do think of the Aslan one as “my collar.” I put it on when I’m feeling subby and want the sense of calm I get from wearing it – or when a dom partner tells me to.

My Aslan collar is suitable for both everyday wear and kink play, because it’s unobtrusive and not especially over-the-top. Wearing it in public makes me look more like a goth babe or a fashion-forward scene kid than a full-on kinkster. Its 1.5″ width is noticeable without being annoying, and it’s made of leather so soft and pliable that it’s always comfortable.

None of that is true for the Rouge Garments collar – but I know some people want to notice their collar when it’s on, want to be aware of it at every moment, want to be constricted by its insistent bulk. And to those people, I say: I will not yuck your yum, although it isn’t mine.


Thanks to Bondage Bunnies for sending me this product to review!