Review: Jimmyjane Iconic Wand


It’s funny that Jimmyjane made a toy called the Iconic Wand when the sex toy world already has an iconic wand. It’s a bit like if Samsung launched a phone called the Iconic Smartphone (bonus points if it was formatted like “iConic”). Like, dude: you’re not fooling anyone.

But I should quit hatin’ on this toy, because it’s actually pretty decent.

My first exposure to the Iconic Wand was when JoEllen mentioned it while I was in Portland. She said that the controls were in an inconvenient place (which they are – more on that in a minute) but I was nonetheless intrigued by the wand’s beautifully simplistic look and its promise of “deep, rumbling vibrations.” So I asked Peepshow Toys to send me one to try, and they hooked me up, like the vibrator angels that they are.

Let’s get this out of the way: the Iconic Wand’s buttons are positioned so oddly that it seems like the toy wasn’t tested by humans prior to its release. Or at least, not by humans with normal wrists with bones and tendons. In order to switch the wand’s mode or speed one-handed, you have to hold it so far down the handle that you’re almost touching the head. Not ideal, Jimmyjane. The toy’s gently curved handle is otherwise very ergonomic and feels good in the hand; this vibe could’ve been improved substantially by just shifting the buttons a few inches up. But alas.

The controls themselves are easy to figure out. There’s a power button and a button that cycles through the wand’s modes and speeds. It has three solid speeds and four patterns, and while I don’t normally love patterns, these ones are kind of great: there’s not a lot of space in between pulses and escalations, so they can actually be a turn-on rather than a drag.

The vibrations are, as advertised, rumbly and strong. YAY. It’s damn impressive that Jimmyjane managed to pack such a punch into a toy that’s only about two-thirds the size of the Hitachi, especially given that Jimmyjane’s vibrations have historically erred on the side of buzzy and inconsistent.


While I think the Iconic Wand’s vibrations are more than strong enough to give wonderful orgasms to most folks, it doesn’t work all that well for me, because of its shape. The top of the wand is completely rounded off, so I can’t tilt it for a more pinpointed sensation on my clit like I can with more angular wands. It delivers broad, all-over vulva stimulation, unless I use my other hand to hold my labia wide open – and who wants to do that when that hand could be operating a dildo instead?

The Iconic Wand also vibrates the fuck out of my hand no matter where I grip it. Grrr.

But, you know, it looks very pretty while it’s doing that.

I think the Iconic Wand is a marvelous choice if you want a super-powerful vibrator without the size or weight of a standard massager vibe. It’s elegant, waterproof (!!), has great speeds and patterns, and is possibly one of the best things Jimmyjane’s ever made. But if you need pinpoint stimulation or subtler vibrations, or if you have any wrist mobility issues at all, I would skip this one. After all, the Magic Wand Rechargeable is about $10 cheaper and it’s a tried-and-true classic – it is actually iconic, and for good reason.

Thanks so much to the good folks at Peepshow Toys for supplying me with this toy!

She Died and Left Me Her Vibrator

A few weeks ago, my great-aunt passed away. This blog isn’t the right space to talk about death and mourning, so I won’t get into all that, but it was a sad time.

While we sat around at the hospital, letting it sink in, my aunt (who knows I review sex toys) said to me, “When we were clearing out her apartment, we found a vibrator from the 1960s. You should have it for your collection.” I laughed, sort of thinking she was joking, but sure enough, a few days later, she dropped by with said vibrator in a plastic bag.

I was immediately struck by how much it resembles my Wahl. In fact, I initially thought it was an older model of the Wahl, until I saw the name branded on the side, “The Body Machine.” It was manufactured by a Canadian company called Charlescraft, whose website features autoplay music (ugh) and various appliances and contraptions, but no massagers. I guess they stopped making them around the time that people realized they could get real sex toys and stop repurposing their innocent muscle massagers.

While I had no intention of using the Body Machine (sorry, can’t get onboard with using my deceased relative’s instrument of lust on my genitals), I wanted to test how its power compared to the Wahl. I expected it to be stronger, but actually, the Wahl easily wins out. The Body Machine’s low speed is akin to the mid-range on a contemporary rechargeable vibe, and its high speed is barely any higher. I guess my great-aunt was less choosy about her sex toys than I am (although, I guess if it were the ‘60s, you’d have to be).

So what’s the point of all this? I guess it just served as a reminder for me that practically everyone is sexual, even the folks you wouldn’t think of in that way. With few exceptions, we all want to get our rocks off and have fun doing it. I’m just glad I live in a time and place where I can buy products specifically designed to give me orgasms, rather than relying on a home appliance.

Review: Wahl 2-Speed

The Wahl 2-Speed All-Body Massager is meant for sore muscles, not genitalia. But then again, so is one of the most famous vibrators of all time, the Hitachi Magic Wand. So even though the Wahl’s instruction pamphlet says specifically to avoid using the massager on your junk, I went ahead and did it anyway, because plenty of other reviewers told me it would be awesome.

It is awesome. The AC-powered Wahl is easily the strongest vibrator I’ve ever used – which makes sense, given that it’s designed to penetrate deeply into muscles.

In fact, I’m such a sensitive gal that I initially didn’t enjoy my Wahl all that much. I’d hold it on my clit on the low setting for a few seconds and then I’d get that tickly, too-sensitive feeling and have to remove it. For me, the solution was as simple as positioning the vibe a little higher up on my clitoral hood, closer to the vulval mound. Et voilà! Pleasure.

As its name suggests, the Wahl 2-Speed has… two speeds. The lower one is somewhat buzzy, and is comparable with the high settings on most standard vibrators. It’s a nice speed, but I find my clit wants more when I get close to coming. So I click up to the high speed, which is kind of insane. Every Wahl review I’ve read has made some comparison to a jackhammer or other power tool, and that’s apt. It’s extremely rumbly and very intense. It literally feels like someone very tiny is punching my clit repeatedly. I know that sounds unpleasant – and it would be, if I jumped right into it – but when I’m aroused enough, it’s exactly what I need.

My Wahl is an older one, so it came with seven different attachments, each with a different body part it’s supposed to service. The newer Wahls only come with four of the seven, but luckily, this includes the two most useful ones for sexytimes usage – the “spot application” attachment, which is perfect for clits and nipples, and the “facial massage” attachment, which can be used like a suction cup to make your favorite dildo vibrate. (Yes, I have tried this, and the vibrations are so strong that I actually enjoy it, despite the fact that I don’t generally like internal vibration. Yay!)

The obvious upside of the Wahl is that it will get you off. Much like the Hitachi, some people might have to use it through towels or underwear or what have you, but it will eventually give you an orgasm. But what about the downsides? Well, it’s kinda heavy. And it’s kinda bulky. It doesn’t fit so well between bodies for use during sex. It may be a bit numbing for some, especially on the buzzier lower setting. And my orgasms with the Wahl, while being very strong and reliable, are sometimes almost painful because the high speed is so aggressive.

This isn’t a vibe for folks who can get off easily from little stimulation. This is a vibe for those of us who enjoy serious power (indeed, clit-punching power) and aren’t afraid to put our genitals near a massager that resembles a gun or a hairdryer.

If that sounds like you, get the Wahl. It’s more focused than the Hitachi and some say it’s even stronger, so other than temporary clitoral sensitivity, what have you got to lose?