Porn Review: Sexing the Transman XXX Volume 3


The legendary Buck Angel offered me a copy of his film Sexing the Transman XXX Volume 3 because I previously enjoyed the first volume. The original Sexing the Transman was very much focused on trans guys’ solo sexuality – masturbation techniques, favorite toys, and so on. Volume 3 is different, but in a great way: it’s a whole lot more diverse, and there’s more partner-sex to feast your horny eyes on.

The Sexing the Transman series has a specific and steady format, where Buck first interviews each participant about their life and identity and then films them either jacking off, fucking, or getting fucked (sometimes all of the above). I love porn where you actually get to learn a little something about the people you’re getting off to, so this format sits well with me.

The first scene features Bleu, a trans guy, and Je, his genderqueer partner who sometimes refers to herself as a “cunted fag.” Both halves of this pair have a cool alternative look, complete with body mods (tattoos and stretched earlobes ahoy!). They also both share a super positive attitude about identity. “Be yourself and own that shit!” says Je.

It’s clear that these two have a great real-life sex life. They understand each other’s bodies and kinks intimately. Je mentions in the interview that she’s into having her hair pulled, being slapped, and getting fucked really hard – and Bleu delivers on all of it. Their chemistry together is fantastic. I could barely rip my eyes away from Je’s awesome blowjob skills to take notes while watching this scene. They both fuck each other with strap-ons, rough and hard, smiling all the while.

The second scene focuses on a trans man of color, Rex. An effort was definitely made to infuse some racial diversity into the Sexing the Transman series with this volume, which is great (I think volume 1 was all white guys!). Rex talks about how happy he is with the results of his top surgery, and when he showed off his chest, I had to agree that his body looks sexy as hell. Normally I don’t go for muscly types too much, but Rex is undoubtedly a hottie.

After chatting a bit about his transition and the self-assuredness it’s brought him, he jerks off with the help of a bright blue jelly vibrator. Naturally, it sort of makes me cringe to watch people using jelly toys, but Rex’s pussy managed to be transfixing nonetheless. He has multiple orgasms in the scene, all with visible vaginal muscle contractions – yum – but hardly any moaning – boo.

For me, it was a disappointment to read on the back of the DVD box that Rex has a sock fetish, and then to find that it isn’t even brought up in the film itself. Sure, he keeps his socks on the whole time he’s jacking off, but it’s never pointed to as a source of arousal. I always want to know more about people’s interesting fetishes!

Next up is another couple, Rude Bwoy and Lola. Both are trans, and in their interview they talk about how it’s good to be with another trans person because they understand each other better than some previous cis partners did.

Though Lola is gorgeous and Rude Bwoy is a cutie, this scene didn’t do much for me. The actual sex was limited to nipple play and a loud, lengthy blowjob, and was punctuated by Buck’s overinvolved comments from off camera: “That’s awesome.” “You like that? You like to be sucked off?” Admittedly, Buck’s unseen voyeurism is (supposed to be) part of the charm of the series, but I find it more distracting than arousing most of the time.

The fourth scene features a total hottie named Dicky Johnson. His adorable New York (?) accent reminds me of a young Richard Dreyfuss circa The Goodbye Girl – which maybe doesn’t sound like a compliment, but it is, as I’ve always had a massive crush on young Dreyfuss!

Dicky identifies as gender-fluid and he’s got an appropriately androgynous (not to mention totally foxy) look. In his interview, he explains how he sort of fell into his transition “by accident” because he started taking steroids to become a female body-builder, suddenly looked very masculine, and decided to go with it.

There’s an editing error in this part of the DVD which is a bit distracting – after Dicky takes off his shirt, an earlier part of the interview repeats again. Buck’s editing job is practically impeccable except for this one issue, though. (Lots of split-screen shots, so you can see people’s genitals and their faces in close-up at the same time. Delish.)

As Dicky jerks off, Buck gets more involved than he’s gotten in any of the previous scenes, playing with Dicky’s nipples and even fucking him with a dildo. Dicky seems cool with it and it’s actually pretty hot, almost like watching an amateur POV video between real-life lovers. Buck’s voyeuristic comments bug me but it’s a whole lot more palatable when he actually does stuff, rather than just talking about doing stuff! Bonus: if you like the sound of men growling during sex, you’ll swoon over this scene, because Buck and Dicky both sound like salacious animals during the home stretch.

The final scene stars Buck himself, getting fucked by a cis dude named Sean. After a lot of rough pounding, manly moans, and dirty dialogue, the two guys sit side-by-side and jerk off until Sean comes on Buck’s chest. Sean calls Buck “buddy” the whole time, which I found hilarious (but maybe I just don’t watch enough gay male porn… or any, really).

Overall, I think volume 3 could easily be considered a standout of the Sexing the Transman series, because it strikes a great balance between sex and masturbation, it’s pretty diverse in terms of performers’ ethnicities and body types, and it makes Buck’s voyeurism into a useful and hot addition rather than a slightly awkward distraction.

Thanks so much to the studly Buck Angel for the opportunity to review this DVD!