12 Days of Girly Juice 2016: 12 Femme Essentials

It’s December, and that means 12 Days of Girly Juice kicks off today! It’s my annual year-end series where I compile the best of the best from my whole year: everything from selfies to tweets to sexual encounters. Today we’re focusing on femme stuff – my favorite things that made me feel feminine, fancy and fiiine the whole year long.



Bobby pins. There are some tragically unsung heroes of the beauty world – a really great hairbrush, a black eyeliner that is truly black, an eyeshadow blending brush that just works – and bobby pins are one of them. This year I used them for three primary purposes: to set my hair in pincurls (after creating the curls with a turquoise NuMe curling iron), to erect the front part of my hair in a triumphant pomp, and to pin bandanas into place so I could rock those rockabilly vibes all day long. I always carry bobby pins in my purse – they’re equally great if you need to pick a lock, scrub ash out of your bong’s bowl (#StonerLyfe!), or pin your bangs out of your face for an impromptu BJ. Soooo useful!

DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel. This is the good shit. I have so much hair-admiration for my curly-headed sex blogger friends – Epiphora, Suz, and Hedonish, to name a few – but my own curls have always been hit-or-miss, because taking care of curly hair is so much work. However, this year I found a routine that works for me and creates excellent curls when that’s what I want to do. After washing and conditioning my hair, I use a cotton T-shirt to “scrunch” the excess moisture out of it, and then I flip my head over and scrunch in a few dollops of DevaCurl gel. Once that’s done, I cram my gestating curls into a Turbie Twist to help them dry even more. After at least an hour of turban’ed time, my hair’s ready to be taken out and air-dried – at which point, it becomes gloriously curly. DevaCurl’s products are brilliant, and the Ultra Defining Gel, in particular, rocks my world. I can go multiple days without needing to re-set my curls because this stuff keeps ’em in place for so long. YESSS!

Bandanas. I have always loved the rockabilly look – I gorged my eyes on SuicideGirls and old Bettie Page photos from practically the moment I discovered the internet – and I’ve attempted to replicate it to varying degrees of success over the years. In mid-2016 I briefly dated someone who loved that look, so I’d sometimes dress up as his good little Rosie the Riveting, complete with bandana, winged eyeliner, and red lipstick. I adore that aesthetic so much that it endured in my life even after that relationship ended. I especially love the delicious subversion of “queering” this classic 1950s look by choosing my bandana colors according to the hanky code.


LORAC Pro palette. I am an extravagant femme, and therefore, I own an excess of eyeshadow palettes. There are many I love for their outlandishness or uniqueness – the Sugarpill Sweetheart palette, for example, or the Wet ‘n’ Wild Petal Pusher palette – but LORAC Pro is my favorite and most-used one, by a longshot. With its eight glitter shadows and eight mattes, all brilliantly pigmented and wonderfully blendable, it’s simply the most versatile bunch of neutrals I’ve ever owned. Whether I’m doing an everyday look or going all-out glamour-femme, I’m likely to reach for my LORAC Pro palette.

img_5216“Sleepy Sloan.” This is the name Tynan gave to the essential oil blend she custom-made for me, even though its effects don’t have anything to do with sleep; it’s just a cute name. I still adore this fragrance as much as I did when she first blended it for me. There’s a drop of it on the collar of my shirt or dress most days I go out, because it comforts and uplifts me.

Revlon lipstick in “Fire & Ice.” I didn’t think much of this lipstick when I first bought it. It’s a classic red that leans slightly orange, which has traditionally not been my jam; I’m more of a blue-based-reds girl. But this color has really grown on me: it’s punchy, saucy, and assertive, just like me on my best and boldest days. Slicking my lips in Fire & Ice gives me an easy confidence, a high-femme swagger. A tube costs about $8 at any drugstore, an admirable value for such a potent mood-booster.

img_5220Bourjois Rouge Edition liquid lipstick in “Pink Pong.” My other lipstick favorite in 2016 was, naturally, a bright pink. As a diehard devotee of pink lipsticks, I have lots of favorites – Bite’s “Violet,” NARS’ “Schiap,” and Revlon’s “Smitten,” to name a few – but this cool-toned, velvety pink really stole my heart this year. It’s not as long-lasting as some other liquid lipsticks I’ve tried, but it’s not as drying, either. If you’re looking for a hot pink that’ll light up your face and make your femme heart sing, this is one I’d recommend.

Clothes & Accessories

Aslan Leather collars. I have two: a pink one Bex bought me for my birthday and a black one I bought myself. I love them both. They’re comfy, good-lookin’, and they signal a bit o’ kink without being too over-the-top to wear in public. Oh, Aslan, why are you so good to us?

img_5221My hot pink Kate Spade purse. The model is the New Bond Street Florence. I bought it on a deep discount back in early 2014, but at that time, it felt almost too brashly femme for me; I was shyer then, and less willing to dress in a way that would command attention. But this year, I really “grew into” my gloriously pink handbag. It’s also conveniently big enough for my beloved MacBook Air, so I tote this bag on work-dates, weekend getaways, and airplanes. It makes me feel equal parts businesslady and fancy femme, and really, what more can you ask for?

MeUndies. I’ve enthused at you about these brilliant underthings before; I won’t repeat myself too much. Suffice it to say: it feels almost sinfully gratifying to swathe one’s genitals in lush, comfy fabric that’s covered in ghosts, donuts, dinosaurs, or little dancing dudes. All underwear should be this adorbz and well-made.

img_4819My new glasses. Before 2016, it had been a couple years since I’d gotten new glasses with my current prescription, and it was time. I’ve been trying to be braver and more authentically “me” lately, instead of always reverting to the shy, compliant little girl I’ve been forever, so I opted for some bold-as-hell frames when I bought new glasses this year. One pair is blue, one is black, and they’re both huge and distinctive. I feel like a hot nerdy bosslady when I wear them, which means I’ve been wearing glasses more often instead of just busting ’em out when I really need them. Hooray!

9279227874_ddd0ab3a62_kFrye harness boots. Mine are the 12R style in black, and I bought ’em back in January 2013. Since then, they’ve become my footwear of choice for so many different occasions: parties, dances, loungin’, adventurin’, performing at porn galas… Whatever my schedule calls for, really! This year I wore them in MaltaRomeMinneapolis, Chicago, and Alexandria, among other places. These boots are such a signature part of my aesthetic that Caitlin said they felt like they were cosplaying as me when they wore a floral-print dress and boots. Here’s to plenty more exciting exploits in 2017 and plenty more stompin’ around in these durable, glamorous boots!

What were your favorite beauty and fashion items in 2016?

Monthly Faves: Dick Gifs & Donut Panties


If I had had a lot of sex this past month, I’d nickname it Cocktober. But alas, that was not the case. My sex life was spooky in a seasonally appropriate way, at least in the sense that my vag remained so barren, it practically developed cobwebs. Zing! Anyway, a lack of partnered sex doesn’t have to mean a lack of sexual developments in one’s life. Here’s what I was into in October…

Sex toys

• My relationship with the Pure Wand is a volatile one. There will be long stretches of time when direct, intense G-spot stimulation just feels painful to me, and I retreat to my favorite A-spot toys for the sweeter pleasure they provide. But lately, my G-spot’s been more receptive to touch than usual, so I’ve been pounding the fuck out of it with my Pure Wand on the regs. To paraphrase Wallis Simpson, “When a Pure Wand is right, there is nothing else to use in its place.”

• My clit was in the mood for pinpoint stimulation this month: it wanted the Tango and Eroscillator far more often than the broad-headed Magic Wand. The whims of my clit are a mystery to me; I just do what it tells me to do.

Fantasy fodder

• I’m oddly entranced by this gif of an animated dick pounding a vag, ejaculating, and pulling out. It’s not so much the creampie fetishism that does it for me; more just the novelty of seeing a somewhat three-dimensional, dynamic illustration of fuckin’. Sigh… I miss getting banged real good.

• I’m fascinated by close-up videos of ladies getting their clits rubbed until they come. That particular view of vaginal contractions is so cool. This one is my original favorite, and I’ve also recently enjoyed this one and this one.

• In a matter of days, I devoured Katie Forsythe‘s epic Sherlock fanfiction novel, All the Best and Brightest Creatures. She writes Sherlock differently from story to story, but this particular Holmes is asexual and homoromantic. The way she writes sex scenes is so beautiful and poignant, and it’s been a useful reminder of how much my sexual responses are tied up in my emotional responses. Everything feels hotter and lovelier to me if it has an emotional context that lights me up (like, for example, Sherlock Holmes’ bottomless, tragic affection for John Watson).


• By the time you read this, I will be in Malta! My mum and I are traveling across the ocean to attend my beautiful cousin Sacha‘s wedding. After hanging out there for a week, we’ll fly north to Italy and spend an additional five days in Rome. I’m so excited I can hardly think straight!! Supposedly our WiFi will be a bit spotty, so if you notice I’m tweeting and Instagramming less than usual, that’s why – but I’ve got blog content queued up, so even in my absence, I am present. Hi!

• I did a lot of writing this month that I’m super proud of! For Bitch Flicks’ bisexual representation theme week, I wrote about Alex Kelly from The O.C. and why she’s a precious angel who should be protected at all costs. The Establishment published a piece I wrote about how spanking helps my mental health. Herizons magazine published a slightly reworked version of an article I wrote last year about the “is squirting just pee?” debate. I wrote about using coconut oil as lube for Ignite. And if, after all that, you still want more of me (!), you can read this interview that fellow sex blogger Layla did with me; we talked about friendships, mistakes, and rainstorms, among other things.

Femme stuff

• I haven’t had sex in over two months, and I’ve been describing this period as a “dick detox,” because it genuinely does feel like I’m conquering an unhealthy addiction. Not that I pursue sex to the detriment of my health, my relationships, or my life (I don’t), but just that the presence of male romantic interests in my life tends to distort my self-perception somewhat (as I told you last week). So it’s been interesting to watch the ebb and flow of my gender presentation as I figuratively flush the dick from my system. I’m more okay dressing butch, skipping makeup, and wearing what I want to wear instead of trying to appease the Dick Gods. Hallelujah, I’m free! (At least, for now…)

• Aslan Leather makes my favorite kink accoutrements. After owning a pink and black Aslan collar for months, I bought a plain black one to round out my collection. It matches every outfit. I love it to death.

• I was sent a Nudestix concealer pencil in a beauty subscription box, and I adore it. The pencil format makes it super portable and easy to apply, and the formula is decently blendable without sacrificing coverage. This sleepy little femme gives Nudestix two brightened under-eyes out of two!

• Still enamored with MeUndies. They are soooo comfy. And they recently introduced new pairs that are covered in PINK DONUTS. Yyyyyoink! (I also just learned that they sponsored a SlutWalk and created custom slut-positive underwear for participants to wear… Amazing!)

Little things

The utter deliciousness of making a structure chart for a piece of writing. Philosophizin’ about kink with friends. Edamame. My freshly redesigned portfolio. Regina Spektor’s new album. Jake Peralta’s frosted-tips Florida aesthetic. The “Lush Vibes” playlist on Spotify (best music to write to!). Spanakopita from Athens Pastries. Compliments from my therapist. Bex texting me, “I love you. Don’t forget.” My new ukulele case (a necessary purchase because I’m taking my uke overseas to play a song while my cousin walks down the aisle at her wedding!). Learning how to roll joints with flavored rolling papers – and the Seth Rogen tutorial video that taught me! Watching porn on a rooftop with Suz. Dancing my ass off with Steph and Holly at Comedy Bar’s ’90s dance party. Awkward attempts at flirting with improv crushes. Caramilk martinis and goofy selfies with Anais. My brand-new pink European plug adapter. #StonerFemme paraphernalia. Listening to Naive Thieves while high. Brent misremembering Bowtie‘s name as “Squimmy.” Posh British accents. Fictional universes so compelling and comforting, you don’t want to go back to real life. Warm scarves knit by people who love me.

Polkadots, Hearts, and Ghosts – Oh My!


All of my underwear falls into one of two categories: there’s good underwear, and there’s garbage underwear.

“Garbage underwear” is the name I give to the old, worn-out type of panties I only ever throw on if I know I’m not having sex that day. Most of it was bought in cheap multipacks, many months or even years ago. The elastic sags, the colors are faded, the brand name holds no glamorous cachet. It’s comfortable, and it fulfills its function, but ultimately it’s a sad piece of cotton that adds no brightness to my life.

img_4128“Good underwear,” by contrast, is what I’ll put on if I suspect I might be getting laid, taking my clothes off in front of people, or showing off my butt to a crowd. (Blessedly, I have the kind of life where these situations are commonplace.) It may be slinky, saucy, and/or lacy. It shows off my assets and creates a flattering silhouette. Ideally, it highlights some playfulness in my personality, too.

The trouble with “good underwear,” though, is that it often isn’t very comfortable. Lace chafes, silky fabric shifts and slides, and the visual effect isn’t always worth the tactile troubles this type of underwear causes. But then, occasionally, it is possible to find the ease and comfort of “garbage underwear” married to the cuteness and beauty of “good underwear.” Like, for example, MeUndies.


You’ve probably heard of MeUndies if you listen to certain podcasts that rep them; their influencer outreach is very good. But what astonished me is that their products are actually as fantastic as all those podcast hosts say they are. They promise comfort and cuteness, and they deliver on that promise.

I wore my red and white polka-dotted MeUndies to my first anal sex experience. Anyone who knows me intimately could tell you that when I’m nervous about an event, I obsess about what to wear to that event – and when sexy things are going to happen, underwear is a hugely important part of that. It has to be exactly right, evoking the feelings I hope to feel where I’m going.

I chose these because they’re flattering and sensuous, but also fun and playful. I wanted to feel relaxed, as far away from “nervous” as possible, since I was nervous as hell. Who wants to worry about annoying straps, snaps, or lace when you’re already worried about whether someone’s dick will even fit in your ass?!


MeUndies are made of a blissfully soft modal-elastane blend. I am a stickler for underwear material: years ago, I threw away all my nylon- and spandex-heavy underthings because I felt they were contributing to recurrent BV. I replaced them with pairs made primarily of cotton, which breathes better and is therefore better for vaginal health. My militantly picky vagina has had no issues whatsoever with MeUndies, and in fact, if I could replace my entire underwear wardrobe with them, I would. They’re that comfy and cute.

img_4145The company launches a fancy new design each month, and October’s is covered in spooky ghosts. I am in love! A friend said to me, “Your genitals are haunted!” These ghosts are so damn adorable. I am proud to adorn my butt in them.

This post wasn’t sponsored – I actually just fucking love MeUndies and wanted to show you how foxy I look in mine, frankly! – but if you wanna pick some up and you buy through this link, you’ll get 20% off and I’ll get a little kickback to spend on more underwear. So we’ll both have happier genitals and butts. It’s a win-win!

Party Essentials for Foxy Femmes

It’s that time of year again: FEMINIST PORN WEEK! And you know what that means: I am going to zillions of events.

Seriously. My schedule is so crowded this week that I had to make a spreadsheet to keep track of the time and location of each event, how to get from one to the next on public transit, and what I plan on wearing to each.

I promise I will have a full and juicy wrap-up for you next week, complete with outfit photos – but for now, I’m still meticulously working out my schedule and throwing ensembles together. In that spirit, here are some things I think every femme ought to have in her arsenal for times such as these…

A pair of gorgeous shoes you can dance in

Define “gorgeous” however you please. My favorite shoes in the world are my Frye harness boots: thick black leather, a slight heel, incredibly comfortable, and just sliiiightly sexual (the harness on the side looks like, well, a dildo harness). I happily wear them everywhere except the most formal of occasions, and they serve me very well.

I also recently found this pair of cherry-red Sofft T-strap pumps at a thrift store for $10.50 (CAN YOU BELIEVE?!?) and they are surprisingly danceable. I plan on wearing them to the Feminist Porn Awards gala on Friday.

If comfort and mobility are what you’re after (and they should be), I recommend a Mary Jane, T-strap or ankle strap style. The extra support will keep the shoe on your foot more securely, making it easier to walk, run, dance or whatever without too much pain. (To be real with you, though: I’ve never met a pair of heels that didn’t hurt at least a little. I consider them a worthwhile/necessary evil for how cute they make me feel, however.)

A long-lasting lipstick that makes you feel radiant

Few things can light up your face like a well-chosen lip color. For parties, make sure you go with a longwear formulation so you can drink and/or kiss to your heart’s content. (Depending on the formula, some color might end up on your glass or your date, but if you choose well, it’ll stay on your face nonetheless!)

For parties, I tend to go with either a classic red or a hot pink. Kat Von D’s “Outlaw” is a total vixen red and Bite lipstick in “Violet” is the creamiest shocking pink I’ve ever found. If you like something a little subtler (or cheaper), trot down to your drugstore and grab one of those Revlon “balmstains” that look like oversized crayons; their balm-like formula can be worn lightly or heavily for different effects, and they really do stay comfortable and colorful all night long. (I think “Smitten” is the prettiest shade.)

A convenient bag containing everything you’ll need

By “convenient,” here’s what I mean: it should be small and light enough that you won’t be annoyed or in need of a massage by the end of the night, but it should be big enough to carry your crucial stuff. It should have a strap (shoulder, crossbody, or wrist) so you will have full use of your hands all evening (FUCK CLUTCHES, am I right?!). And, convenience aside, it should go with your outfit – which is why most of my “party bags” are an easy-to-match color like black or silver.

Here’s what you should pack for a party: your phone, a couple pieces of ID, whatever you need for travel (Metropass, car keys, etc.), slightly more cash than you think you’ll need, debit/credit cards, a camera (if your phone’s camera doesn’t meet your photographic standards), your lipstick, any other cosmetics you might need to reapply, a small mirror, condoms (even if you don’t need one, someone else might), and any medication or other necessary objects you need to have with you for safety reasons. You can bring more than that, if you want, but it probably won’t get used, so you might as well leave it at home.

Cute underwear

This is for two reasons. Firstly, you never know when someone attractive might see you in your skivvies. Secondly, you will feel more confident and adorable if you’re dressed well under your clothes. (Just ask Tori Amos if you don’t believe me.)

Fun hosiery

There are few things more delightful than having a new pair of kneesocks or thigh-high stockings to rock. Good legwear brings something extra to an outfit and is worth investing in, if you are femininely inclined.

American Apparel does my favorite stay-ups (which actually STAY UP, even on my chubby thighs! Hallelujah!) and I hear wonderful things about the socks and tights at Sock Dreams. I’m also ride-or-die for Hue opaque tights, which come in lots of fun colors and are just the best-quality hosiery I’ve ever found (I have pairs that I’ve owned for years without rips or runs!).

Fellow femmes: what clothes and makeup do you always have in hand in case of a Party Emergency?