Who Are You Kissing on New Year’s Eve?

It’s 1AM and I’m at a bar, dressed up like Molly Ringwald on acid. I got tired of dancing downstairs, so I went exploring, and found dozens of folks crowded into an upstairs room, gathered in a circle. They were playing Truth or Dare; obviously, I joined in. Now I’m seated between two strangers, sipping my Smirnoff Ice (I know, I have terrible taste in booze). A cute fella singles me out, dares me to pick the person I find most attractive in the circle and kiss them. It’s an offer I can’t refuse.

This is Crush T.O., a monthly mixer thrown by the wonderful ladies who make up I’d Tap That. Crush parties, as they’re colloquially known, are an opportunity for sex-positive people to get together, dance, drink, kiss, and maybe take each other’s bras off on a tipsy dare.

You might remember my previous ramblings about another I’d Tap That endeavour, Body Pride workshops, in which women (and occasional gents) get together, get naked, get drunk, and get body-positive. Yes, these chicks are awesome.

As a mostly-monogamous introvert-4-lyfe, I don’t run into a whole lot of opportunities to meet – let alone kiss – attractive, sex-positive people. I was immediately drawn to the idea of these crush parties because they have an obvious atmosphere of desire and sexiness, but aren’t limited to singles or poly folks – anyone is welcome, monogamous or not, straight or not, cis or not, kinky or not. As long as you’re sex-positive, queer-positive, and enjoy having fun, you’ll be accepted and you’ll have a good time.

On top of all that goodness, safety and consent are never an issue. As sex-positive folks tend to be, the Crush T.O. partygoers are very respectful. The game of Truth or Dare I participated in was full of utterances of “Can I kiss you?” and “Is this okay?” There are even designated “safety people” who you can call on if anyone or anything makes you uncomfortable – but I have yet to need this service, because everyone there is great.

The next crush party is new year’s eve. It costs $15 to get in, and the location is TBA. There will be hot music to dance to, hot burlesque performers to catcall, and hot people to kiss you at midnight. And of course, I will be there, incognito. It’s the perfect way to start off the year!

Images courtesy of I’d Tap That and Becca Lemire. Merci!