12 Days of Girly Juice: 10 Perfect Sex Songs

Music and sex go hand-in-hand for me. I have a friend who wears earplugs when she masturbates because the silence helps her focus; I’m the total opposite. I feel creeped out and on edge if there’s no tunes on while I’m jerkin’ it.

For those of you who feel similarly, here are 10 of my favorite sex songs in 2015. BRB, I’ll be in my bunk with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones and an assortment of sex toys.

Justin Bieber – No Pressure. Say what you will about Bieber, but dude sure can crank out a juicy slow jam. When “What Do You Mean?” came out, a cute dom guy in my life kept telling me I needed to give it a listen, and at first I scoffed… but then I dipped my toe into the ocean of Bieber and was forever converted. This whole album is packed with deliciousness, but “No Pressure” might be my fave.

Alina Baraz – Fantasy. Where has Alina Baraz been all my life? Her music is like someone hacked into my brain, located the hole entitled “sex music,” and created a masterpiece in the exact shape of that hole. That smoky, coy voice… That slow, undulating rhythm… Ohhh yes.

Walk the Moon – Sidekick. I initially checked out Walk the Moon because their song “Shut Up and Dance” was the irresistible earworm of my summer. I was delighted to discover that the rest of their album is chock full of sexual tension and dance-y beats. “Sidekick” has one of my favorite lyrical images ever: “Keys left hanging in the door, a trail of shoes and winter coats; we’re kissing on the kitchen floor, our friendship up against the ropes…”

Punch Brothers – Magnet. I don’t know that anyone will ever let me have sex with them while “Magnet” is playing, because, well, it’s bluegrass. But – ungh – it’s really good bluegrass. And it’s sexy and sharp and dramatic and, like Chris Thile says, “fairly debauched.”

Violents – I’ve Done This Before. Jeremy Larson, one of my fave music dudes in the entire universe, has this project called Violents where every EP has a different female singer. The songs have a cool, weird, dreamy vibe and I’m super into it.

Brentalfloss – Paperboy. Um, please don’t tell Brent I think this song is sexy; he’d definitely laugh at me. Okay, the lyrics aren’t sexy – they’re about a boy on his paper delivery route – but, like, dat funk breakdown. Unf.

Bebel Gilberto – Tanto Tempo. I remember being really obsessed with this album in 2007, and listening to it while on vacation in Mexico, lying out in the hot sun in my bikini and headphones. It’s still really evocative of relaxation and summer skin for me. Girl’s got a voice made to fuck to, frankly.

Reverie Sound Revue – The Leisure Lost. Pick any song in the Reverie Sound Revue discography and fuck to it; I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. This was a fave of mine this year, though. I love how Lisa Lobsinger’s voice always sounds like she’s reclined on a couch somewhere, just casually purring her lines. Why oh why did this band have to break up?!

William Singe – Hotline Bling. I’m pretty tired of the original song at this point, but this sweet sexy R&B cover of it is A++. Just try to get the image of Drake’s terrible dancing out of your head long enough to have sex to this tune…

Menahan Street Band – The Crossing. This was a recommendation from Rae, who clearly knows what she’s talking about. Pretty sure it’s impossible to feel unsexy while listening to this beautiful instrumental piece.

What were your favorite sex songs this year?