Ask Girly Juice: A Non-Tickly Clitoral Vibe

Captain Placeholder asked: Hello, I love your blog and was hoping I could pick your brains. I’m planning to get a small clitoral vibrator for my girlfriend and I to use together (I’m male). She finds she all-too-easily flips from “nice” to “suddenly too tickly,“ meaning anything with a buzzy feel’s going to be a no-no. Is there anything you can recommend?


First of all, the rumbliest (i.e. non-buzziest) clitoral vibe I can think of is the We-Vibe Tango and its very similar sisters, the Salsa and Touch. They have a much lower-pitched vibration than most other clitoral vibes, meaning that the vibrations penetrate more deeply into the body, which can alleviate feelings of "tickliness.”

The only thing that makes me worry about recommending those is that they only have four speeds. I sometimes find that the jump between speeds is too broad and it’ll make me want to back off a little. If that sounds like it would be true of your girlfriend too, the Lelo Siri would be a good option. It’s fairly rumbly (not quite as rumbly as the We-Vibe toys, but not bad) and has 10 different speeds, so you can fine-tune your choice of vibration strength much more.

I recently got my hands on a Fun Factory vibe which, though it isn’t made for clitoral use, has amazingly rumbly vibrations that could certainly be used for clitoral purposes.

Finally, if you have the funds and the willingness to spend ‘em, you really can’t go past the Eroscillator for a fantastic clitoral toy. Though I will warn you that it needs to be plugged in and it’s not exactly portable nor attractive.

Hope that helps! Let us know how it goes!