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• What’s My Body Doing?: Dominance & Submission with Kate Sloan (October 2017)

• Inspirational Songstress: Kate Sloan (October 2017)

• Let’s Talk About Sexuality: Interview with Sex Writer Kate Sloan (September 2017)

• Off the Cuffs podcast: The Dildo or the Dork? (September 2017)

• Coffee & Kink: Kate Sloan (August 2017)

• Bed Post podcast: Kate Sloan (December 2016)

• Mark Towhey on Newstalk 1010: Kate Sloan, Sex Journalist (September 2016)

• Sex City Radio: May 2015, July 2016

• Tell Me Something Good podcast: Kate Sloan of Girly Juice (July 2016)

• Offleash podcast: Sex Journalism (December 2015)

• Kinkly: Sex Blogger of the Month: GJ of Girly Juice (November 2015)

• Women in Music & Art: Artist Profile: Girly Juice (October 2015; later republished in The Newspaper)

• Sex in Words: The Hook-Up: Girly Juice (April 2013)


Other press coverage

The Sun wrote about an erotic massage I got (and plagiarized me – yikes). (January 2018)

• Spanish newspaper El Mundo wrote about my sex spreadsheet and called me “the Canadian Bridget Jones.” (January 2018)

• I was interviewed for a Vice article about the A-spot. (December 2017)

• I consulted and reported on a Sex Toy Awards story in Glamour magazine. (September 2017)

The Daily Mail wrote about my theory on the connection between promiscuity and empathy. (January 2017)

Autostraddle linked to an article I wrote about spanking and mental health. (October 2016) linked to my post on the external G-spot. (July 2016)

• A conservative blogger got mad about my love of sex toys and feminism, and profiled my awesomeness with angry aplomb. (July 2016)

• Erotica author Brixton Atwood profiled me as one of his favorite sex bloggers. (February 2016)

• Rachel Kramer Bussel interviewed me for a Dame article about sapiosexuality. (September 2015)

• Daniela Costa interviewed me for a Daily Xtra piece about bisexual women’s medical care. (January 2015)

• Gina Shin profiled me for Shameless magazine. (February 2011)


Testimonials & kind words

“One of the best sex bloggers out there is a marvelous smarty sweetheart who goes by the name Girly Juice.” –Tina Horn, sex writer, podcaster, and pornographer

“This blog always hits us right in the gut, delivering honest assessments of everything from sex toys to the pain behind a tough breakup.” – staff

“A talented writer with a voice all her own, Kate Sloan is someone I look to when I want accurate no-nonsense sex information delivered with a bit of humor and maybe an unexpected lesson or two (her sex writing steered me toward my favorite lipstick!). Honesty, intelligence, wit, and an uncanny ability to pull keen insights from even the most mundane circumstances make Kate Sloan one of my absolute favorite voices talking about sex today.” –JoEllen Notte, sex writer, speaker, and researcher

“Kate has this delightfully dorky voice that emanates through her writing. It’s knowledgeable, funny, passionate, and so uniquely her own… Everyone brings something different to the table. Kate Sloan brings her whole self: confident, smart, open, honest, and accepting… She’s been pretty inspirational in a number of ways. One of which is that she’s confident in the whole of who she is. Her quirks make her more admirable because she owns them.” –Layla Studies Sex, sex blogger

“[Kate] writes about sex that you can relate to like no other. Not hiding anything about herself, she brings everything to the table with her quirky, smart, and honest writing.” –Lubezilla staff

“[Kate] is a talented and exciting writer and her blog is well designed and structured… In my opinion she is absolutely brilliant at what she does.” –Molly Moore, sex blogger, photographer, and author

“You’re like a modern-day, sexy Shakespeare!” –Mandi, sex blogger

“Kate Sloan has a really interesting style that I find hard to describe, other than it seems like it should be read with a constant smirk. However, her writing can be really vulnerable and self-reflective…” –Finn, sex blogger

“A lovely girl who has been reading my site — & writing to me! — for YEARS, started Girly Juice about a year ago. She reviews sex toys. It is awesome. Read it!” –Gala Darling, lifestyle blogger

“I love Kate’s style. Her posts have driving points that she uses emotion and fact to get to. As I come into my own style as a blogger, I find that it’s more and more influenced by hers… I feel connected to Kate every time I read her articles.” –Indigo Wolfe, sex blogger

“I’m gonna steal your brain in your sleep… You are just articulate and coooooool and have ideasssss.” –Epiphora, sex blogger

“Kate has been blogging at Girly Juice for years now and her writing just keeps getting better. Every time I don’t know how she’ll top herself – she does. I have such a crush on her writing! She is eloquent and funny, able to evoke solidarity and empathy in her posts about mental health just as easily as evoking affection and compersion for her sexual escapades. Not only is her writing consistently good, but it’s consistent. It’s abundant. She has endless ideas and nothing seems half-assed.” –Lilly, sex blogger

“You’re super cute!” –Erika Lust, feminist pornographer



Speaker, “Living Out Loud: Sharing Personal Stories as Activism” opening plenary, Playground Conference, winter 2018

Presenter, The Dildorks live recording, Playground Conference, winter 2018

Instructor, “Vagic Tricks: Hidden Hotspots of the Vulva and Vagina” workshop, The Nookie, winter 2017

Presenter, The Dildorks live recording, Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, summer 2017

Panel moderator, “Lived Experience, Intersections and Representation,” Smut in the 6ix, spring 2016

Guest host, Sex City Radio, 2015, 2017

Guest instructor, The Business of Blogging About Sex, fall 2015

Facilitator, round-table discussion on productivity and generating blog ideas, #DildoHoliday sex bloggers’ retreat, summer 2015

Guest judge at Tell Me Something Good, December 2014, July 2015, January 2017

Facilitator, sex toy workshop for LGBT Youth Line volunteers, spring 2013


Press materials


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Kate Sloan is a journalist, blogger, speaker, and educator who has been writing about sex online and in print for over five years. On her blog,, she writes twice a week about sex, kink, relationships, fashion, beauty, writing, and self-improvement. She has been voted a Sex Blogging Superhero for five years running, and her words reach over 30,000 sex nerds, weirdos and queerdos every month.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Kate is considered a leader and influencer in her hometown’s sex-positive community. She has judged sexy storytelling event Tell Me Something Good, hosted and guested on talk radio shows Sex City Radio and Mark Towhey on 1010, and facilitated workshops on sex toys and blogging. She has been quoted and featured in Glamour, Daily Xtra, Shameless, Dame, and more. Kate also co-hosts The Dildorks, a weekly podcast for sex nerds, with her best friend Bex Caputo.

As a journalist and essayist, Kate has written for Teen Vogue, Glamourthe Establishment, Daily XtraMaisonneuvethe Plaid Zebra, xoJane, and more. She holds a Bachelor of Journalism degree from Ryerson University, where she concentrated on longform feature writing.