Sharing the Sexy #4

• Some dudes on Sexxit discuss autofellatio. Interesting to see a straight male perspective on this. (Have you seen the autofellatio scene in Shortbus?!)

• Rachel Rabbit White attended a lesbian cougar meetup. I love the way Rabbit writes. “Judith’s eyes glitter and wrinkle at the corners. She looks like someone you might find yourself in an orgy with at an acid-fueled pre-Burning Man loft party.”

• Also by Rachel: a feature on agender people. (For more discussion and resources related to genderqueer or agender identities, Genderfork is terrific.)

• Evil Slutopia comments on Snooki’s baby and some anti-choice hypocrisy among conservative critics of Snooki.

• K wrote sensitively and thoughtfully about her break-up with her long-term poly boyfriend.

Shit twinks say during sex: “Your dick is so fierce!”

• Someone discovered a creative way to use a Fleshlight. (By the way, the generous people at Sex Toys Canada sent me a Fleshlight which I’ll be reviewing on behalf of my boyfriend soon… Stay tuned!)

• Here’s a massive resource on intactivism. Important stuff to know, given the AAP’s recent statement about circumcision.

• Looks like a bill banning “ex-gay” therapy might get passed in California. Gasp! Are people finally realizing that changing sexual orientation isn’t possible and leads to horrific results?!

• Female Sexxitors weigh in: what’s the best thing about having a vagina?