Monthly Faves: Velvet, Sugar, & Sprinkles

It’s been a weird month for me sexually. I’m juggling a bunch of different romantic/sexual connections right now and feeling a little overwhelmed (#PolyLyfe, amirite?). Here were some of my fave sexy things this month…

Sex toys

• Remember how Fucking Sculptures shut down recently? (Imagine the saddest of sad trombone sound effects here.) As soon as that announcement was made, I placed an order for one last toy from them, and it finally arrived this month: a large green Corkscrew. Honestly, I mostly just ordered it for the brand cachet and how beautiful I knew it would be, but it turns out it’s also highly functional too. Intense G-spot stimulation ahoy!

• We-Vibe sent me their new Gala clitoral vibrator and, as per usual for We-Vibe, it’s lovely. Definitely different from any other clit vibe I’ve tried, even Jimmyjane’s visually similar Form 2 and Intro 2. I will have waaay more thoughts in my full review, coming sometime in early 2018!

• I have rediscovered my Eroscillator this month. This happens periodically. I had forgotten how easy and profound my orgasms are with this toy!

Fantasy fodder

• Dominating my kinky thoughts this month are the notions of sugar daddies, financial domination/submission, and cash fetishism. That’s partly because I tentatively have a sugar daddy now (!!) and partly because I recently listened to a fantastic episode of Why Are People Into That? about findom and cash kink. Soooo much to unpack here with regards to power, class, privilege, “worthiness,” and desire. Hmm!

• Whenever I get into a new kink, I tend to search for Sherlock fanfic about it (surprise, surprise), which led to me discovering this “Sugar Daddy John Watson” story featuring copious gay sex in between hunger-stirring descriptions of magnificent Italian food. I will have to do more research along these lines…

• This month I had actual goddamn phone sex for the first time in, I dunno, probably 8 years or more. It’s an interesting medium for me as someone who totally gets off on words but also has anxiety about not being a good dirty-talker myself. It is nice when someone appreciates my moans/purrs/giggles, though!


• Orgasm stats: I only had 20 this month. I don’t know why. That’s shockingly low for me. Something to work on! (I did, however, hit 300 orgasms total for the year this month – all over my FWB’s cock, on the top floor of a sex club. A++ experience.)

• Now that November’s done, my yearly wrap-up series 12 Days of Girly Juice is about to start! So it’ll be all best-of lists all the time until the year is done, after which we’ll get back to our regular programming here. I’m excited to tell you about all my faves from 2017!

Femme stuff

• I’m really into velvet lately. And, like, always. I remember going shopping with my best friend Bex in September and shrieking “I LOVE VELVET SO MUUUCH!!” and them looking at me incredulously and saying, “I don’t think I knew that about you.” Well, I do. I think it’s mostly a sensual thing; my feelings about velvet are almost sexual (but then again, us pervy kinksters are always rounding things up to kinks when they aren’t necessarily). This month I bought a red velvet dress at H&M and I’m gonna thrash it once holiday parties start happening.

• I bought a pink heart collar on eBay for literally 99 cents, and it’s kind of perfect. Can I get one in every color so I can always be wearing one, please?

• Though I don’t wear jeans very often, because #FemmeLyfe, my favorite old pair is shredded to death so I bought a new pair this month. They make me feel very put-together and wholesome and grown-up. Hurrah!

Little things

Compliments so good I have to copy them into my journal to re-read over the coming days and weeks. Buying tickets for Max and I to go see his fave comedian, Sebastian Maniscalco, in March! Cuddling my roommate’s dog when I’m sad. Nerding out over my income spreadsheet. Singing “Crazy” for a rowdy karaoke crowd. Talking blog strategy with Suz over Indian food and cocktails. Deleting all my notifications except ones from PayPal ($$!). My super-sweet dermatologist. Respectful cam show clients. Hearkening back to phone calls in a text-centric world. Cheesy pasta delivered to my door. Rachel Hills’ The Sex Myth. This adorable song which came up on my Spotify Discover playlist this month (“I think you’re cute…!”). Cadence serving me roast veggies and chicken with boozy cream soda while we watched stand-up. A handsome older gentleman calling me “young lady” and “kiddo.” Vanilla donuts with sprinkles (and pumpkin pie donuts!). Long kink negotiations that devolve into hysterical laughter.

Here’s An Idea: Ethical Fetishism + Shoe Sugar Daddies

Last week I found myself madly lusting over a pair of shoes. They were gorgeous and I NEEDED them – but they were $275. And as a full-time student and part-time blogger, that ain’t a doable price for me. (I ended up buying a similar pair at a way lower price point – that’s me modeling them above!)

I spent some time complaining on Twitter about this problem, and then my mind wandered to all the fetishists who’ve left me lascivious comments on my clothes, shoes, and hosiery over the years. You might remember from my post on how to be a non-douchey fetishist that I’ve been posting outfit photos online for 8+ years and attract a lot of creeps through that venue. These people are getting off on my pictures – so shouldn’t I be getting some kind of compensation for that “service” I’m (nonconsensually) providing?

Okay, hear me out. My idea is this: an online social platform where you can sign up in one of two categories, fetishist or fashionista. (The names could use some workshopping; ideally they’d both be gender-neutral.) The fashionistas build profiles full of as much or as little personal information as they’d like to share and a gallery of photos that are as sexy or sexless as they feel comfortable being. They attach a wishlist to their profile, filled with clothes, shoes, and other cute things they have their eye on. And if a fetishist takes an interest in a particular fashion fan, he can buy her something from her wishlist. (I’m using those pronouns for clarity’s sake; obviously there are fetishists and fashion fans of all genders.)

The wishlist would hide her address, of course; no one wants to put themselves at risk for being stalked. And when the item of choice arrived, she could try it on, pose for pictures or video, and post them publicly or privately for the fetishist who supplied the money.

There could be a way for fetishists and fashionistas to negotiate the terms of the agreement in advance – e.g. “If I buy you these shoes, you’ll model them in tights, in knee-high socks, and barefoot.” There could be an eBay-esque feedback system to avoid scammers and creeps.

I know that systems like this exist already, but in my experience, they’re usually hypersexual and mostly frequented by camgirls and their patrons. While there’s obviously nothing wrong with sex workers (you go, gals and guys!), not all of us feel comfortable being super sexy online. My half-baked dream for this social network conceptualizes it as a space that is as sexy or unsexy as individual users want it to be, so that everyone feels comfortable and safe.

I just think that there are better ways to manage the relationships between fetishists and the subjects of their affection than the way that those relationships usually go right now. The subjects often (in my experience) feel victimized, grossed out, and used. I know that for myself, when I receive a message from a fetishist telling me he loves me in sheer hose or he wants me to wear heels for him, I feel squicked out but I also always send him a link to my Amazon wishlist, because dammit, if I’m going to fulfill someone’s fetish, he’s going to be the one to foot the bill for it, not me. Of course, I’ve never actually had a fetishist buy me anything, because the ones I encounter all seem to be cheapskates who expect me to be their masturbation fodder at no charge, but… I’m sure there are shoe sugar daddies out there somewhere, right?

I don’t have the know-how to build a website or get it off the ground, but if anyone ever takes this idea and runs with it, just know that I would promote the shit out of it, happily beta-test it, and send the link to every fetishist who’s ever given me “helpful suggestions” for what to wear!