Review: Tantus G-Spot

The Tantus G-Spot’s name is short and to-the-point. This is a G-spot toy and it’s made by Tantus. That’s all you really need to know in order to understand that this is a damn fine toy.

I was lucky enough to be sent a G-Spot in the glorious pearl white color (which has been discontinued, so act fast if you like it!). After oohing and aahing over the gorgeous, almost luminescent color, my first impression of the toy was that it’s bigger than I was expecting. It’s 1.7″ in diameter at its widest point (the bulgy head) and has a full 7″ of insertable length, though with the way it’s designed, you won’t be inserting all of those inches.

I’m actually surprised, as I write and research this review, to discover that the G-Spot’s diameter is 1.7″. If you’d asked me to guess based on vagina-feel alone, I’d’ve said 1.5″ – entry is sometimes a liiiittle uncomfortable without warm-up, but it feels filling and comfy once it’s in. I guess my vagina’s horizons are expanding?

The thickness of this toy is what gives it the firmness it needs to be a good G-spot stimulator. Flimsier silicone dildos, like the Charmer, often have so much squish that they feel almost wimpy, but the G-Spot is a tough, robust dildo. It’s up to the task.

Once I insert this dildo, it finds my G-spot immediately. No hassle, no fumbling around, no wondering if I’ve got it in the right place. Tantus always describes their toys as being “anatomically targeted” and this one absolutely is. That’s a feature that would make it great for partner play: just tell your partner to stick it in and thrust, and chances are, it’ll feel good.

I don’t thrust the G-Spot in wide motions; I keep it more-or-less in the same spot and sort of jiggle it in and out. The subtle swells and valleys on the toy’s shaft make this super easy and comfortable to do – again, very anatomically targeted.

The base is thick and sturdy, and I love that. I never lose hold of it while I’m in the moment.

And the head… oh god, that head. It is exactly what a G-spotting head should be shaped like: round and bulbous. It’s like a very large fingertip or a very small fist. Mmm mmm good.

This toy’s sensations aren’t quite as intense as those of the Pure Wand or Comet Wand, because of course, silicone isn’t as firm as steel or glass. But honestly, lately I’ve been noticing that G-spot play with super-firm toys doesn’t feel all that comfortable for me anymore – the need-to-pee sensation overpowers my pleasure and I find it hard to focus. If you feel similarly, you’ll probably like the Tantus G-Spot; it has all the G-spot-locating skill of those other toys but is a little gentler. This is the toy that has gotten me back into G-spot stimulation after avoiding it for a while out of discomfort.

If you want a Tantus G-Spot, you’re in luck: the white non-vibrating version is on closeout sale. Frankly, just about everyone could use another G-spot toy in their collection, and this one is so damn cheap and great that it’s a no-brainer.

Thanks, Tantus! You always treat me right!